26 June 2012

NJ meet up update...


Remember when Nikki, Jamie and I all posted about a possible Jersey Blogger Meet Up...? 

Well friends we have a date which you all know of July 20th and since there is a bunch of us who are all interested in coming and we are all over the stated we were thinking that it would be best to do it as Central Jersey as possible. 

Two places that Nikki found and thinks would be good to have the meet up are: 


She has been to both and they are both awesome! They both have outdoor seating which I think would be awesome for a July evening get together. 

Take a look at both places and let me know where you would rather do it. Also since some of you said you would be coming from work, we were thinking that the best time would be from 6pm on? Let me know what you think about the time! 

Let me know what you are thinking on all of this and where you would like to see the meet up! 

25 June 2012

They got hitched! (their words, not mine)

As my Twitter and Instagram friends may have seen, my soon to be in-laws grew by one on Saturday...

Beau's brother tied the knot!!

Matthew and Tiffany,

You two are wonderful people who truly are made for each other. Your love shines brightly through everything you do together. We wish you many years of happiness. Congratulations and welcome to the family!

- Sarah and Beau

Up next, us!!!

20 June 2012

Calling all NJ bloggers...

My new friend and beautiful blogger, Nikki from My Life My Way, came up with a wonderful idea...

If you're a NJ blogger and interested, comment or email me at

17 June 2012

Giuliana & Bill are having a baby...


Social Sunday -- Round 2...

First and foremost...


The man who has wiped my tears and allowed me to use his shirt as a tissue, can build and fix anything, threatened to beat up people for me, supports my crazy ideas, kissed my forehead every morning while I was still asleep before he left for work, and who is basically Superman. I couldn't ask for a better dad! And even though I am getting married next year, you will always be the number one man in my life. I love you, Daddy!

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you're having a fantastic weekend. We're back for round two of Sunday Social with Neely and Ashley...

-Favorite movie of all time?
-- Definately have to say Sweet Home Alabama. I've seen it 500+ times... including 3 times in one day (yes, I know, I'm crazy). It's my really happy and really sad go-to movie.

-Favorite movie quote?

-Best movie to watch for a girls night in?
-- Bride Wars

-Best breakup movie?
-- Tough one. I'd have to say The Break Up because in the end, they aren't back together like most movies end. Plus, who doesn't love a little Jenn and Vince!

-Favorite celeb eye candy?
-- Oh man...
Kellan Lutz

Gerard Butler


Bradley Cooper

Shane West

-Which movie star's closet would you want to raid?
-- Either Reese Witherspoon or Jennifer Aniston

Now it's your turn -- Go link up!

16 June 2012

We're getting closer with each passing moment...

The 16th of each month happens to be my favorite day of the month...
It means I am officially one month closer to walking down the aisle with Beau waiting for me at the end.

So in honor of being 1 year, 2 months away from my wedding, today's post is dedicated to just that -- weddings!

BRIDES magazine posted 10 great tips - some of which I knew, some of which I never thought of - that I want to share with you today. And before you ask: no, this is not a sponsored post, just good tips I found the other day while looking at ideas.

1) "Know the neighborhood. Drive around the area of your venue before your wedding day," says Nisa Lee, a Pelham, New York, planner. "Be on the lookout for the closest ATM, hardware store, drugstore, liquor store, and stationery store, in case you have any last-minute needs during your party." Make note of the opening and closing times of each one.

2) "Think through the entire event a few weeks before the wedding from the guest's point of view," says New York City's Xochitl Gonzalez. "Every minor detail should be covered, like who will hand out the programs and how to shuttle guests from the church to reception."

3) Make sure you have a few extra seats and dinner setups (plates, flatware, glasses, and napkins) for any surprise guests who show up, suggests Tara Wilson of Fort Worth, Texas. It happens more often than you'd think!

4) Buy a fancy umbrella that you wouldn't mind being seen standing under, just in case it's raining when you're taking outdoor photos, says Lee. Think of it this way: If it pours (or drizzles), you get to pose with a cute prop!

5) "Before you send out the invitations, recruit a friend to drive the MapQuest or venue-provided directions to make sure they really work," says Gonzalez. She should follow the instructions exactly as written. This way, if something's not clear, you'll have time to rewrite them.

6) Include floral tape and corsage pins in your emergency kit. "When Laura Bush was First Lady, we did a wedding she attended, and a guest accidentally spilled wine on her pale blue jacket lapel," says Todd Fiscus of Dallas. "We whipped up a corsage made of flowers from the buffet station to cover up the stain. No one else knew!"

7) Pack a pair of neutral sandals (they don't have to be "wedding" shoes) in your day-of bag in case a broken heel or a blister makes your shoes unwearable, says San Francisco's Kelsey Sheofsky.

8) "For an at-home wedding, have a plumber and an electrician do routine maintenance a few days before, to help ensure lights don't blow and toilets don't overflow on the big day," says Wilson. Have their phone numbers handy for the event, too.

9) Alphabetize your table cards by last name. Brides often arrange these cards (also known as escort cards) according to table number, but since it takes time for guests to find their spots, this can create a bottleneck, says Gonzalez.

10) Pretend the wedding is on Wednesday (assuming it's really on the weekend). Finish everything—including paying balances and putting gratuities aside in envelopes—by the Tuesday before your wedding. "This way all the little details will be done, and you'll have a few days to just enjoy your family and friends and relax," says Gonzalez.

—Barrie Gillies, BRIDES magazine

Happy Saturday! It's a gorgeous one here in NJ!

15 June 2012

Do I really look like I work for a lawn service???

There I am last night, mowing my lawn, just wanting to get it over with since it's 79 degrees out and I'm starving. Out of nowhere, an unrecognizable car pulls in my driveway and a middle-aged Italian guy (who will be referred to as IG for Italian guy -- cleaver, right) rolls down his window...

IG: Are you a lawn service?

Lets point out the obvious here...
No truck/trailer, only my 2-door Scion tC in the driveway, I'm 100 pounds
and as white as an albino, and I'm using a freaking push mower.
What the hell do you think?

Me: Um, no. I live here.

IG: Oh. Did you just move in?

Me: Nope, we've lived here for 3 years.

IG: Well I live back behind and I need someone to mow my lawn.

Me: There's this guy, Al, who lives back there and I know he does some of the lawns.

IG: Nah, I don't like how he does it.

Even though it would kill my back, I'm thinking this
may be a good opportunity to make a few extra bucks.

Me: I may be able to but I'd have to talk to my fiance first to figure out a price since we'd have to cover fuel costs and all.

IG: I don't want your fiance to mow my lawn, I want you to.


It may have been something I would think about but you just blew that one buddy!

Me: Well I'd still have to talk to him and get back to you.

IG: Sounds great, thanks!

Then he leaves.

What the Fuddruckers?!? Who does that???

I immediately put the mower away and went inside to call Beau. My family thinks I may be onto something though... One Hot Babe's Lawn Service.

It has a nice little ring to it! Ok, it doesn't but I'm sure I could bring in some money.

Now I just need a slogan...

14 June 2012

Keep your eye on your purse...

We all do it... Go to the store, wander around, go to look at something and set your purse down to do so.

But did you ever think about what would happen if you had to turn around for a second?

Last night, my co-worker (and her mom who I also work with) went to Target to pick up a few things. As her and her mom were looking at shoes, she had put her purse down and sat on the floor to try a pair on. She somehow ended up with her purse behind her... All of a sudden, her mom looked up and saw three girls standing around her purse. She immediately yelled "Where is your purse?!" to show the girls that she was on to them.

After getting the purse, her mom kept it in the cart, standing next to it the entire time. They checked and saw that her wallet and all was still in there. Sigh of relief! Sure as shit though, those girls came back to see if the purse was put back down!

As they went to checkout, she went to grab her phone to text someone. It was gone though. They went to customer service and told them what happened. Her mom called the cops and employees searched for her phone. The one employee said he saw three suspicious girls and had a description of their car even.

The police filled out a report and said they would be looking into it. Meanwhile, the phone was disconnected through the provider and Apple.

Wouldn't you know it though, about a half hour later, a girl called from a restricted number saying that she found the phone in McDonalds... They never went to McDonalds!! Her mom called the cop to tell him and he said it was probably a set up and he'd check it out. And he was right, it was just a set up.

So here is a PSA to my fellow shoppers: Never leave your purse unattended, even for just 30 seconds. People have nerve!

13 June 2012

The time I almost punch Beau in the back of the head...

But I stopped myself before doing so.

This time at least.

Beware, Beau! One of these days...

You see, two nights ago he kept stealing the blanket. I'm realistic -- I know I do it all the time to him (or as my excuse is, it falls to my side, which it partially does) but it absolutely ticks me off when someone does it to me.

Then last night he sat up and YANKED the blanket off of me!!!

I rolled over and said "What the fudge!?!" only I didn't say fudge. He claimed he was just trying to figure out what was going on with the blanket.

Do you smell that? Sniff again... smells like bull crap to me!

I was so mad that I went and got a second blanket and gave him the stink eye the whole time. And you can bet that I will be sleeping with my separate blanket for the rest of the week!

12 June 2012

Blog Star: Hi I'm Sarah...

and I'm addicted to Target. TRUTH. Example: here.

Welcome to my blog -- where I post about anything I feel like.

Like my blonde moments...

Or how I turn people lesbian. (kidding, sort of)...

And the time(s) I've slept with knives...

A little about me...

I am engaged to a handsome fellow we call Beau. (as seen above)

My dogs are my children and if you even look at them wrong, there will be punishment.

I enjoy a nice glass of wine every night after a long day of working.

I am a Clemson football fanatic, but I didn't go to college there.

Actually, I never went to college. I got my EMT certification while I was still in high school and did that full-time until I hurt my back.

I microwave my ice cream for 7 seconds before eating it. (thanks Matt)

Beau says I have OCD... I tell him I just like to be tidy.

I prefer my blog friends over my IRL friends. Did I just say that out loud???

I am addicted to chapstick. Nivea and EOS to be exact.

Until we move to Virginia, Beau and I rent a house in rural New Jersey. Occasionally you'll hear me talk about my slumlords... and it's not an overreaction.

Speaking of Virginia, the plan is to build a dog shelter/boarding/daycare center.

I hate - and I mean HATE - feet. They are nasty. Don't touch mine. I'm not going to touch yours.

Stop by Mrs. Monologues blog today to find some new reads!

11 June 2012

Island living - well, visiting - and other pics from the weekend...

As you know (if you read Friday's short post) my friend and I flew up to Block Island, RI for lunch.


It is beautiful up there! So beautiful that Beau has to get a new job - a big money making one - so we can get a summer house up there.

What? I can wish, can't I?

And thanks to Beau's support, if you would like to purchase any
photos from my trip, email me at 90percentblonde@gmail.com

We came home around 3pm and I had to go straight to my niece, Emilee's, dance recital. It may have been her last one since she isn't sure if she wants to do it again next year -- especially since she is giving cheerleading a shot this summer.

On Saturday my sister had Emilee's birthday party so I went up to the house to hang out with her other two kids (well mainly the baby -- and by baby I mean the 2 year old)

We had a BLAST! We went on the trampoline and she was jumping around, giggling, then when she'd fall, she would do tumbles which would result in crazy hair...

(She's looking at Sammy who was lying in the shade under the trampoline)

Such a happy little girl.

Wait, you thought I was talking about the baby?

No silly, me!


And to round off the weekend, I managed to get a picture of Sammy yawning...