29 February 2012

Jumping the gun and some randoms...

Dear Mr. Bloom,
I'm not even married yet... don't you think you're rushing things a bit?

What am I pointing out?

Dear Tarjay,
Yes, I may have accidentally purchased a maternity top from you - and I appreciate the coupons via text every few weeks - but come on now...

Dear DirecTV,
'Showing no longer available'??? But it hasn't even come on yet!

Yes, I've been hoarding this picture since the 12th.
(you can't just post a pic like this at any old time)
The result of nothing being on TV so Beau and I go channel guide surfing.

Dear Sammy,
No worries. Daddy wasn't trying to watch TV or anything... After all, King Dong was no longer showing!

Dear Beau,
Please don't kill me for posting the above picture. It was too great not to pass up!

Dear nephew,
Please don't change, ever. You're too adorable as is!

Happy Leap Day everyone! Enjoy your extra day of the year!

28 February 2012

Guess where I'm tattooed...

Today, Cait from Fit, Fierce and Fabulous is hosting a linkup near and dear to my heart... TATTOOS!


I know I did a post about my tattoos a few months ago but since I have new readers, let me share them with you again (since, after all, I do love tattoos!)

My first two tattoos!

My mom used to sing 'Beautiful Dreamer' to us as kids and my dad always called my rosebud

These are my babies actual paw prints that we had stamped. This way they are with me where ever I go!
(and for once I actually have a tan, yay!!!)

So, I'm a little obsessed with pirates... :-)

My best friend and I have matching 'crazy' tattoos that we got together.
When we go anywhere, people always say 'here comes crazy!' and they're right -- we're crazy!

My newest tattoo. I got this after going to school for animals. Save a life - Adopt a shelter pet.
(picture was taken while we were still at the shop so that's why it's extremely red)

But I have big plans... plans on getting more!!!

My next one though? A small yellow bow. It's hard to explain but it will have a lot of meaning for me <3

So who else is inked???

25 February 2012

A little Sweet Home Alabama...

For starters, I'd like to apologise for not posting a lot, reading your blogs, and for being behind at replying to comments. Recently, I've had a lot going on in my life and it makes my mind spin. This will - unfortunately - be happening for the next few weeks but when I have time (and a clear mind), I'll be posting! <3


You all know about my addiction to reality TV... this includes the CMT show Sweet Home Alabama.

With a lot of people at Blissdom, I didn't want to give away too much but I'm going to anyway so stop reading if you want to be surprised!

We're down to 5 guys now, leaving Shaun Bigos as the only city guy left!

Last night, Paige took Shaun B. out on a date and I must say, my views of him have changed dramatically the past few weeks. At first, I wanted him gone. I couldn't even stand to listen to his voice. But now Shaun and Landon have changed rolls... Landon is so jealous and overbearing. He isn't the man for Paige and I hope she sees that next week on her one-on-one with him!

Shaun Bigos has even made friends with little Shaun and Bubba! He's come a long way and it's nice to see him joking with them and learning from Bubba!

"Our last name when we came to this country was Os, but my family
does it f'ing big, so we put a B-I-G in front of that b*tch!"
- Shaun Smith's impression of Shaun Bigos

As much as he's turned around though, I'm still not rooting for Shaun B... this girl is all for Bubba!
I mean, how can you not be???

22 February 2012

Louisiana, fast! Wait, that's Popeyes...

How is everybody feeling today? I didn't drink last night but I definitely have a food hangover and a food baby... Luckily, it's not a real hangover or baby though so we're good!

Even though Beau was working until midnight, I still wanted to celebrate Mardi Gras... by myself... so depressing... anyway, I wanted to enjoy some NOLA food. It had to be something that I would have leftovers for when B got home and something we'd both enjoy. I searched the internet and came across one recipe but since we can't get collard greens up here, I had to find another recipe. Red beans and rice -- perfect! Two things that I enjoy and it has some type of meat for Beau.

But then I saw it...

'Reduce heat and simmer for two to three hours...'

I didn't get out of work until 3 and still had to go to the store! Dinner at 8pm was not what I had in mind so I may or may not have cheated a bit.

Ok, I completely cheated but can you blame me?

Jazz it up with Zatarain's!
You sang it too, didn't you?
Oh, you didn't?
It was only me???

It still came out pretty good though! However, my mouth is still on fire from the spices in the sausage. I think next time, I will cook them separately, ick!

You can't celebrate Mardi Gras without music!

(not a food photographer, if you couldn't tell)

Hope everyone enjoyed their Fat Tuesday! Have a happy and safe Wednesday!

21 February 2012

Sweatpants Tuesday...

Er, I mean, Fat Tuesday (but really it's the same, isn't it?)

Before I indulge in my Cajun food tonight, I wanted to stop by to say...


One of these days I'll make it to NOLA!
(Not for Mardi Gras though -- I think it would be fun but I hate
crowds and super drunk people so I'll go on the 'off season' lol)

18 February 2012

Come dress yourself in love, let the journey begin...

Yesterday morning, I woke up earlier than I normally would on a day off...

Truth be told though, I had trouble sleeping and couldn't wait for my alarm sound. The feeling can be compared to the one you get the night before Christmas... pure excitement. But why on a random Friday would I be so excited to wake up? Because I had an appointment at the bridal salon to try on my wedding dress...

Not just trying on gowns to find 'the' one. Not the sample one of 'the' gown. MY gown!

The beautiful ivory dress I will walk down the aisle wearing as I become a wife.

I can't even explain how happy I was to be putting on my dress. While trying on the sample, it was so big that it was tough to imagine the whole picture. Even though I need to get it shortened a little, I was able to see my dress, on me, without large clips holding it on.

After staring at myself in the mirror for a good 15 minutes, we decided to look at some veils. I had found one previously that I liked but as my mom pointed out yesterday, it didn't go perfectly with my dress. After she said something, I noticed exactly what she was talking about. I tried on a few more veils and once the 5th one was put on, I knew it was the one. It goes perfectly with my dress!

For the first time since Beau and I got engaged, I finally felt like a bride!

And it's one of the best feelings in the world!

I think I had it on for about an hour - I just didn't want to take it off! Come on, August 2013!

Since I can't risk Beau seeing the dress, this is all you get...

16 February 2012

Moldy beer... gross!

Yesterday was a fun day, to say the least...

Remember how I told you I was taking Beau on a surprise day trip for Valentine's Day? Well, we started the day by going out to Pottsville, PA to the Yuengling Brewery! The plan originally was to do the tour but between the stairs and the smell, we decided to just look at all of the pictures and walk around the gift shop. Who knew fermenting beer smell that horrible! Barf! It was interesting though to see the Yuengling equipment throughout time though.

Such a horrible picture of us LOL and yes, Beau was making a
face since he hates having his picture taken.

But what is a trip on Route 78 without stopping at... CABELA'S!

Check out that ass!
Whoops, did I say that out loud?

Surprisingly, I was able to leave the store without buying any clothing (although I almost got a camo jacket) or dog supplies. I did find a handgun that fits my little hand perfectly... *hint hint Beau*

We rounded out the night by going out to dinner then cuddling on the couch watching the new How I Met Your Mother, Last Man Standing, and - against Beau's will - One Tree Hill. All in all, it was a great (day after) Valentine's day!

14 February 2012

A great big thanks...

First off, Happy Valentine's Day to my hubby-to-be.

Like most people, I think it's a pretty pointless holiday. You shouldn't need a day to show your love, since you should make it shine every day, but I'll take the extra attention! I have something special planned tomorrow for Beau - since he works until midnight today - so details and pics on that will be here Thursday (although if you follow my Twitter, you'll probably know as it's happening)!


Never did I imagine that 100 people would want to follow my blog and now I have over 100!

So to all of my readers, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, for listening to me rant and rave and to give me advice when needed. A lot of people don't understand what a wonderful, tight family we are in the blog world and before I became one, I don't think I would have understood. But now? I wouldn't want it any other way!

“Don’t focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers.” 
-- Brian Clark --

PS: Keep an eye out for a 100 followers giveaway (that is, once I can figure out the perfect thing to do!)

13 February 2012

Getting to know me...

Good morning afternoon ladies and gents. Today, Neely is doing an awesome linkup to find new blogs and to share some things about yourself for new readers, so here we go...

My name is Sarah and this is me

I don't actually fly planes but I have a friend who does and it's always fun to pretend to be a pilot.

I was born in the front seat of my parents car on the day of my baby shower. Needless to say, my mom didn't make it there to open her gifts!

I have two wonderful furbabies

They have inspired me to be a voice for animals. Not only am I a certified Animal Cruelty Investigator, but my dream is to open a dog shelter in Southern VA so no pup will be starving or cold. Every dog deserves a nice, warm bed to sleep in and a million toys to play with, don't you think?

I'm engaged to a boy who we like to call Beau (or dump truck but we'll save that for another time)

We all have our addictions and Beau's happens to be Apple products. He even proposed with one.

We live in new Jersey. Not Joisey. Not by the Jersey Shore. And I do not fist pump.

This picture is at a park about 15 minutes away from my house.
It's not the NJ you see on MTV every Thursday night!

Speaking of TV, I am an addict.

This includes shows like One Tree Hill, Army Wives, Say Yes to the Dress, Teen Mom, Sweet Home Alabama, and the list goes on and on...

You'd never know by looking at me but I have 7 tattoodles and plan on getting more.

I like to take pretty pictures but I'm still pretty new at it

I love music from past generations. I'm talking anything from the roaring 20s, on.

If asked who my favorite artist is, it would have to be Michael Buble. He combines swing with a modern twist and it makes you want to dance. And yes, I do tend to break out in dance when I'm home alone.

I hope you enjoyed reading a little about me. If you ever want to know more, I'm an open book so just ask. Thank you Neely for this link up and happy Monday everyone!

09 February 2012

Eff, Marry, Kill: HIMYM

It's Eff, Marry, Kill time again!!! I'm pretty confident in saying that this is my favorite link up! It always takes me so long to decide who to choose though; it's kind of mean to kill someone. Plus I like to stick with a theme and that's tough. Finally, I came up with one and it's Beau's and my favorite show...


Eff, Marry, Kill: How I Met Your Mother edition

{Note: I am basing this on the characters, not the actors}

Eff -- Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris) -- Many of you are probably saying 'WTF' but come on, don't you want to see what's in his pants! Admit it, he's hot!

Marry -- Marshall Eriksen (Jason Segel) -- Who wouldn't want what Marshall and Lily have. He treats her like a princess, is funny, good looking, and just overall a great guy.

Kill -- Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) -- While Ted isn't bad looking and is a nice guy, he's just annoying. As they brought up in the Spoiler Alert episode, he corrects you on everything. I know he's the main character of the show but if it was real life, I could do without him.

Who do you want to eff, marry, and kill?

07 February 2012


Well hello lovely followers and welcome to my 100th post!

Yup, you read that right... 100!!!

I had started this blog as a way to express myself after over a year of reading them. Not once have I felt any regret about starting 90 Percent Blonde. I have met some wonderful people along the way and sometimes I can't even imagine my life without this little blog of mine. So here we go, number 100...

"Hi, my name is Sarah and I'm addicted to shopping at Target"
*in unison* "Hi Sarah"

Yes, that is right. I am addicted to shopping at Target. I go there about 2-3 times a week and buy something almost every time. The one time when I didn't go for a full week - and my dad knew - he told me Target called wanting to make sure I was ok. He also busts my chops and asks when they are giving me my own parking space (which I wish they did that way I wouldn't lose my car... that's a whole 'nother story though)

There was the time this happened... January 6th to be exact...

A normal person's first thought would have been "Oh my gosh, I hope the driver's ok"

My first thought? "Oh my gosh, A TARGET TRUCK!!! What if it was on its way here?!? What sales will I miss out on???" Then I thought about the guy.

Priorities = wrong!

I've even gotten stuff I won't need for a long time!

Don't you love that face I made. Not only was a super tired, in pain,
and without any make up at all but can you say botox!
Here, let me zoom in for you...

Ummm, a maternity shirt?!?

I thought it was a normal shirt - which I found in the womans section, not maternity - until I wore it and it didn't fit right. Whoops.

Occassionally, I play around while there...

Luckily, I've never been kicked out yet.

And I have gotten phone calls before from family members asking what the cost of something would be at Target and where it would be found in the store. Target needs to start paying me!

Pinned Image
Pretty confident this was written about me

Who else will I be seeing at Shoppers Annonymous? And don't lie!