26 February 2013

Things change...

That's right! As of May 1st, we will be out of our drafty, outdated apartment and in a new one. This move is a little bittersweet though...

Our current place is the first place Beau and I lived together.
Where we have had many 'firsts'.
The house where we brought Sammy home for the first time.
Where we've made our home for the past 4 years.

But with that aside, I am beyond excited. We will be downsizing a little but rent/utilities is going to be cheaper and the back yard meets up with fields upon fields of farmland. Plus it's a two bedroom -- right now to be used as Beau's office but you never know when we may decide to expand our little family... Kidding! Unless someone keeps posting pictures every morning (I'm looking at you Ashley)!

Keep an eye out for moving updates and a new home tour in the next few months!

21 February 2013

My life as of lately...

In the past week, my life has consisted of...

And more tissues.

Oh, and cough drops.

And Girl Scout cookies.

I should buy stock in Puffs and Ricola.

Anyone else think of this every time they hear 'Ricooooolaaaaa'?

I've been nursing this semi-cold for over a week now and it sucks! I don't even think I'd be as annoyed if it was a full blown cold but this sore throat and occasionally runny nose gets old quickly.

I'm going to Target soon though -- that should help, right?

14 February 2013

A note to my Beau on Valentine's Day

My dearest sexy Beau,

I am beyond grateful to have you in my life. You're a wonderful fiancé and puppy daddy. Although some mornings I could do without your morning breath, I couldn't imagine waking up without you. You're my rock.

Loved you then, love you now. Always have, always will.

Your equally (if not a little more) sexy wife-to-be

08 February 2013



There's been something I wanted to blog about but wasn't quite sure how to put my emotions into words. I think the above pretty much sums it up though so here we go...

As most of you know, I went to Virginia for New Years and spent a week down there. The weather wasn't the best the day before we left and was suppose to be crummy on my way home. Instead of taking my little car with its low-profile tires, my parents had me take their four-wheel drive SUV that I normally use in the snow. It was a smooth ride there and a smooth ride home. No car issues whatsoever.

Fast forward to the very next time the vehicle was used after my trip. My mom went to go somewhere -- Got in the car, stepped on the brake, put the car in gear, but then the brake pedal went to the floor and the car started to creep forward. Yup, the brake line blew. The same brake line that had just gotten me home safely after an 8 hour, 75-80mph trip.

It makes you take a step back and think...
Think about luck. Think about chance. Think about fortune.

It easily could have gone while I was driving home over the Blue Ridge Mountains, when I was closer to home going getting off the interstate, or even after my mom had left the house. But it didn't. It happened in our driveway where everyone was safe.

I do believe that someone was looking over me then and every day and I am beyond blessed to have that person - that spirit - above me.

What makes you feel blessed?

Hoping everyone is enjoying 'Nemo' (although we haven't seen much of it here).
Have a great - and safe - weekend.