11 June 2012

Island living - well, visiting - and other pics from the weekend...

As you know (if you read Friday's short post) my friend and I flew up to Block Island, RI for lunch.


It is beautiful up there! So beautiful that Beau has to get a new job - a big money making one - so we can get a summer house up there.

What? I can wish, can't I?

And thanks to Beau's support, if you would like to purchase any
photos from my trip, email me at 90percentblonde@gmail.com

We came home around 3pm and I had to go straight to my niece, Emilee's, dance recital. It may have been her last one since she isn't sure if she wants to do it again next year -- especially since she is giving cheerleading a shot this summer.

On Saturday my sister had Emilee's birthday party so I went up to the house to hang out with her other two kids (well mainly the baby -- and by baby I mean the 2 year old)

We had a BLAST! We went on the trampoline and she was jumping around, giggling, then when she'd fall, she would do tumbles which would result in crazy hair...

(She's looking at Sammy who was lying in the shade under the trampoline)

Such a happy little girl.

Wait, you thought I was talking about the baby?

No silly, me!


And to round off the weekend, I managed to get a picture of Sammy yawning...



Nikki said...

I LOVE RI! My family has a house up there and I try to go up there at least once a year. Sadly I wont be making it up there unless I go in October this year. Bummer!

That babys hair is adorable!

Holly said...

Gorgeous! I love the photos!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

The photos from the trip look awesome! Love those aerial shots!