21 May 2013


Last night on my way home from work I was thinking how I finally had free time to write a post.

This was not the post I intended to write though...

After getting home, I grabbed my computer ready to post about our new apartment. Although we don't have everything put away yet, I was excited to share the progress of putting our home together. I sat down and flipped on the TV for some background noise.

That was when I heard the news. Reports of a tornado in Oklahoma.

Suddenly, posting about our apartment seemed wrong...

Loved ones. Family heirlooms. Memories. Gone.

I pray for those who have lost. Those who are hurting, grieving. Those now in Heaven.

01 May 2013

Welcome to Pennsylvania...

Last night we turned the page to the next chapter of our book.

On our two year engagement-versary, we cleaned out our first apartment together -- our home for the last four years -- and drove away leaving the keys on the counter.

And today we slept in. For the first time in weeks, we didn't HAVE to wake up. We didn't HAVE to pack. Although there is a bunch to unpack, we decided that most of it could wait a day - we needed to rest.

It's nice to finally relax. Take a deep breath knowing that besides from the unpacking, it's over. No more running between houses. No more stressing about packing. Instead I can sit in our beautiful backyard and watch Sammy run off leash (something she could never do at our old house).

They say hard work pays off in the end and it definitely proved itself during this move. Hopefully the next time we move it will be to a house in our name!