30 August 2012

28 August 2012

Saying goodbye...

To four girls and their adorable children...

After 3 years of watching them every Tuesday night, our time together has come to an end. And honestly, I'm going to miss them. Ok, really just Cate and Ty. I'm hoping MTV televises their wedding!

Then again, who won't miss Amber and her spider lashes, Gary's gut hanging out under his Belden shirt, and Leah constantly pushing her hair out of her face?? Let's recap them a bit, shall we...

1 / 23

And we can't forget about when braceface Farrah turned into the Geico cave man...

And don't think I forgot about her ugly cry!

1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Oh the good 'ol ugly cry... Now THAT I'm going to miss! That shizz is legit!

We all need to take to heart the life lesson that Maci taught us: It is ok to change your hair daily depending on your mood. It's not damaging her hair at all, right?

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Last but not least, we have to say goodbye to fivehead and the mullet...

1 / 2
I may ugly cry around 10:58 tonight. Just kidding. Or not.

26 August 2012

Sunday Social: The Interweb...

Sunday Social

1. What is the first website you log on to each day?
The Book AKA Facebook. Well, technically I log onto the app... right after I wake up... while I'm still lying in bed.

PS: Find me here: 90 Percent Blonde!

2. Give us some funny websites you visit that we need to know about.
I'm a fan of FAIL Blog and TFLN.
3. Pinterest or Facebook? Why?
Both. Do I have to pick? Alright, I guess Pinterest (sorry Facebook peeps, who needs you when I can learn how to sew, do my hair, and make a 5-course meal all within 30 seconds)
4. Twitter or Instagram? Why?
As much as I love Instagram, I think Twitter because it's photos and text.

And once again, @90PercentBlonde
5. Favorite youtube video...post it!
Hand down, without doubt:
6. Biggest online pet peeve?
Sites that automatically play music... hello, heart attack!
Now go link up and remember...
Only 6 days until kick off!!!

25 August 2012

It's the final countdown...

We are down to the ONE WEEK mark, folks!!!

One more week until those boys with tight asses paw prints on their helmets are on the field in Atlanta.

Even though I won't be attending any games this season (yes, I do plan on going to a home game next year), it doesn't mean I can't dress up!

1 / 2 / 3 / 4

And while we're talking about it, you're more than welcome to buy me these for my birthday in October...

24 August 2012

Friday Favorites...

Favorite quick meal: Lean Cuisine Asiago Cheese Tortellini
Since Lean Cuisine diets you by starving you, I have to eat two. They are delish though! Beau may or may not have caught me stuffing a whole tortellini in my mouth (ok, I did, but I was tired of cutting them).
Favorite new nail color: Miss Fancy Pants by Essie
They describe it as a refined, chic greige... I prefer to call it the perfect color. I'm loving their whole fall line though...

Favorite Text From Dog (so far):

Favorite new Pinterest find: Vino2Go
Just trying to keep it classy... Unfortunately, it's out of stock right now. The possibilities of where you can take your wine is now endless!
Favorite plan for the upcoming week: GABRIEL IGLESIAS!

There's big, healthy, husky, fluffy, and DAMN! This guy cracks me up and I am beyond excited to see him live!

Happy Friday (and weekend) everyone!

23 August 2012

Mind = Blown...

There are many, many, MANY things about fall that I love.

The smell.
The leaves.
The premiers.
The drinks.
The sports.
The clothing.

But there are some things I hate about fall. I know, mind blowing, right?

#1. Spiders move indoors to avoid the cooler weather

#2. Hurricanes = flooding basement

#3. Warming up the car before leaving for work

The good outweighs the bad so I'll quit my bishing... Just wanted to point out that not everything about fall is all that. It still is, and always will be, my favorite season though!

21 August 2012

Day is done, gone the sun...

Blogging at 7pm.  It's happening... Maybe Erin inspired me. Or maybe it was just my lack of time this morning. Ok, it was my lack of time (and my laziness of not wanting to write last night to schedule for today)

Today was a day full of adult things...

First I had a distant relatives funeral. I only met him a few times in my life but we know his son (my mom's cousin) pretty well. Be proud peeps -- I didn't cry. Normally when ever I see someone else crying, I cry. When they present the flag and play taps, I cry. But today I was good despite Mother Nature making my hormones cray cray right now.

(not a picture from today -- I was a good blogger and kept my phone away)

Then this afternoon was filled of mowing our jungle lawn, washing dishes, doing laundry, and vacuuming the small animal that the girls leave behind.

And now? Now it's almost time for Dance Moms and Teen Mom!! Can you believe there is only 2 episodes left of Teen Mom. I'm going to miss (some) of those girls so much!

19 August 2012

Confess Sesh...

Every time I write a confessions post, I sing Usher's 'Confession' in my head.
I did three link ups last week and two other posts with little body to them... I just didn't have that much inspiration. If you have any ideas for future posts though, feel free to share!
Beau bought me HIMYM Season 7 on iTunes Thursday night so I could re-watch them before the new season. I finished them within 48 hours and in that time frame I also worked 15 hours and got 2 full nights of sleep.

I haven't made our bed all week... Oh well.

Last night I ate grapes, potato chips, and a bag of popcorn. All within an hour. After 10:30pm. Hello PMS.

Cutting the guest list to accommodate for a smaller wedding was easy. Telling people they won't be invited? No idea how I'm going to do it. Maybe I'll lead up with the whole, 'We plan on having a reception when we get home but...'

I got stuck in the bathroom at work on Friday and thought I was going to die. Panic set in and I could feel the tears start to build up. Normally that wouldn't happen but no one was upstairs and I didn't have my phone with me. Who knows how long I would have been up there! Luckily, with enough jiggling, I got the door open after a minute (yes, only a minute but felt like 20).

I really, really need to go through my closet and actually hang stuff, fold stuff, and sell/donate stuff but I just don't feel like it. I'm pretty sure I'd need a whole month. No joke.

17 August 2012

Friday Letters...

Dear MTV: Thank you for airing Boy Meets World re-runs. Combined with my DVR, I am one happy person.

Dear Beau: I always think that I couldn't love you more but then you do a little something special for me and my heart explodes. Thank you for buying me HIMYM Season 7 on iTunes after commenting that I wanted to watch the episodes again before the new season. It was a wonderful surprise after work last night. 364 days and counting... <3

Dear Sleeping: Why have you been so sporadic lately. I do not like it.

Dear Color Run: I will see you 2 weeks from tomorrow! Please treat me - and my pink knee-high socks - well.

Dear Bestest Friend: Everything will be alright.

Dear House: Why can't you stay clean for more than a day? I'd really appreciate not having to do any cleaning (vacuuming, dishes, etc) for a day.

Dear Employer: Thank you for noticing my hard work and giving me a small promotion and raise after only being there for 1 month and 1 week. It's nice to know I'm appreciated.

Dear Weekend: I am so glad you're finally here... too bad I can't enjoy you though since I have to work tomorrow.

16 August 2012

One year...





Until the day when...

I slip into my beautiful white dress.

My parents walk me down the aisle.

I exchange a lifelong promise with Beau.

We are pronounced husband and wife.

I've been waiting a year and a half to be at this one year countdown and I couldn't be more excited.

Beau, I love you so much and I can't wait until the day when we are Mr. and Mrs. <3

14 August 2012

Jokes on us...

As a joke, Beau and I were looking up houses in Lizard Lick, NC.

Because everyone wants to live in a town with that name.

And maybe we'd be able to meet the cast from Lizard Lick Towing -- which always makes me think of the Orbit commercial where she calls the other girl a lint licker.

Back to what I was saying though, we were surprised when this house popped up as a nearby property...


In other words, do your research before making fun of a town because of it's name. Lesson learned here!

12 August 2012

200th post = Confessions

Holy C-R-A-P! Today marks my 200th post. 200!!! Thank you for everyone who has followed me through my adventure thus far. You ladies (and men?) rock!

And for my 200th post? A Sunday confesh sesh...

I confess that I was extremely scared about our double date last night since the couple was on a blind date that Beau set up. It seemed to be a success though and I'm pretty sure there will be a date number two!

I confess that even though I don't have the extra spending money, I ordered a few new clothing items for football season. Shhhh don't tell Beau.

I confess that I didn't cook once this past week. Not once.

I confess that my ovaries have been exploding lately, mainly because of this lovely lady and her adorable children.

I confess that I don't think I'm even close to being ready for the 5K I'm running in a few weeks because of my back. I'm going to push through though -- even if I'll regret it the next day!

I confess that I have to go to work soon and I really don't want to. Working on a Sunday sucks.

Hoping everyone is enjoying their weekend!
Here's to a new week meaning one week closer to football season!

10 August 2012

Friday letters...

Dear Grandma: Still loving my new magnet. Thank you!

Dear Sammy: Thank you for being so well behaved while Momma cut your nails last night... on the front porch... using the light from a flashlight. I just couldn't take your talons any longer and I keep forgetting until it's too late at night.

Dear Neighbor: Thanks again for mowing my lawn. I will be baking you cookies tonight!

Dear Parent's Neighbor: I'm excited to go shopping then to the gym with you this afternoon. This girl time is needed!

Dear Beau:I'm excited for our double date tomorrow. It's been far too long since we've been on a date, let alone have dinner with another couple(ish). Hopefully they will become a couple by the end... I guess we shall see tomorrow, Mr. Matchmaker. PS: Looking sharp for our date!

Dear HIMYM: Is it time for a new season yet??? I'm getting - er, well, have been - impatient.

Dear Weather: Your bouncing back and forth is giving me a headache. I'll deal though since constant cooler Fall temperatures are on their way.

09 August 2012

Being a Jackie, not a Marilyn...

I had an epiphany last night... I am a Southerner stuck in a Yankee's body (and in New Jersey).

It's true, y'all!

Lets see...

- It's always been, and always will be, my Momma (or Mommy) and Daddy. Never Mom and Dad.

- Momma is my best friend and knows my deepest secrets. Daddy will always be my number one man (sorry Beau).

- Southern sweet tea is a staple in my house and I use my brother-in-law's Grandmama's recipe. She was as Southern as they came!

- Obsessed with Clemson football is an understatement.

- While we're on obsessions... monograms. And just wait until we're married...

- I tend to use the word 'fixin'. This drives Beau crazy! I don't mean to use it though -- it just comes out.

Ask anyone, it's all 100% true.

I blame this all on my sister moving to SC when I was in 4th grade and my parent's buying a second piece of property in Virginia not long after. Between the ages of 10 and 20, I was in the South at least 2 times a year, staying for a week or more each time. Plus, as I've mentioned a few times on here, my plan is to move near my parent's property in Southern Virginia, build a dog shelter, and raise kids down there.

The house I'd one day love to own and fix up.
Best part? Only a 10 minute walk from my parents :-)

08 August 2012

Guilty pleasures...

We all have them. Here are just a couple of many of mine...

I'm addicted to this stupidity and I don't know why.

Screaming at little kids? Yes, please.

I can't help but sing along!

Of course I do the hand motions when the song comes on :-)

The Biebs. Enough said.

One step up from boxed but it gets the job done.

Aka: Fat pants.

What's your guilty pleasure???