07 June 2012

Stitches, Derma Bond, and a bandage later...

Picture this: Beau and I are home cooking dinner... It's around 6:45pm when the phone rang. It was my dad asking if I could come over to take a look at Bow.

Let's go back a few hours, shall we.

My parents took Bow to get groomed. While trimming her ear someone had closed a door, scaring Bow. This caused her ear to get nicked. Complete accident and we still love our groomer.

Fast forward back to dinner time -- I head over to my parent's house to find Bow's ear dripping blood. Dripping! And when she shook her head, blood everywhere! It's after 7 by this point so instead of going to my normal vet, I called another local doctor who will see people after hours. He told us to come on up...

Now mind you, emotional panicky mom mode sets in. My baby girl is hurt and there is nothing I can do to take the pain away. My heart was broken while I looked into her sad, little eyes.

We get there and put her on the table. The blood had her fur all matted so he shaved her ear. My poor baby hated it! I don't blame her though - it probably hurt like hell. Once we got down to the cut, we saw that it was small but was bleeding like the dickens. The doctor decided that it needed to be stitched.

This was immediately after taking the paper towel off.
That's how much it was gushing.

That little thing causing all this commotion.

He put a stitch in her ear then we held a piece of medicated gauze on it for a few minutes. All looked good.

My dad and the doctor went to the front desk to do the paperwork. Of course, Bow shook her head and more blood FLIES! All over the floor, table, my shirt, pants, feet, on my arms, neck, and even on my glasses! As Beau put it, it looked like I was involved in a massacre.

I called the doctor back in and he decided he needed to Derma Bond her ear as well. After that, he put a bandage on to help keep the bleeding under control. Once we got home, there was still some blood when she shook her head but he had given her a tranquilizer before leaving the office so she was getting pretty sleepy.

By this morning, she was no longer bleeding and was good as new...
Well, if new meant a stitch, glue, and tape!

My poor baby girl!

Momma loves you and hopes you feel better soon <3


Ashley said...

Poor baby!!! I'm glad she is okay!!!

Kelly said...

so sadddddd our dog recently had a stroke and it was so sad to watch her walk in circles and just be off her game. she's a live thankfully but no one likes to see an animal in pain or suffer

Nikki said...

Poor puppy! I hope she feels better soon!

lil desiqua said...

Oh my goodness- that's a lot of blood for a little nick! Hope she is feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! Poor pup! =( I saw your instagram photos and wanted to cry for you and the pup. Glad to hear all is doing better. :)

Keep Shining,

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Aw! She looks so sad in that photo! I'm glad it stopped bleeding.