17 April 2013

My life, lately. Also known as: Why I've been a bad blogger...

I've obviously been absent from here lately and although I'm normally just too lazy to open my computer or have nothing to write about, this time it's legit.


-- I found a second job that is closer to our new apartment. I'm going to keep working at my first job, just not as much since it's going to be a 45 minute commute.

-- My first job's manager quit on Sunday. Talk about a circus! If I didn't have enough stress before, I sure do now.

-- Between the two jobs, I'm working 62 hours a week. Goodbye life, hello paychecks!

-- In the midst of all this, I'm still going to the new apartment as much as I can to clean and begin moving stuff in.

Until we fully move and I get a post together, you can watch our new home updates on Instagram,
username 90PercentBlonde #shamelessplug

-- I've come to realize how much complete crap a person obtains when living in the same place for 5 years.

-- Our DVR is 85% full. Maybe one day I'll have time to watch stuff again. And by one day, I mean definitely after this move takes place.

-- Sammy knows that something is up but isn't quite sure of what yet. Nothing a visit to Grandma and Grandpa's (so we can finish moving) won't fix!

And although I am stressed to the max, I'm happy to be starting this new chapter of our lives in good 'ol Pennsyltucky!