13 June 2012

The time I almost punch Beau in the back of the head...

But I stopped myself before doing so.

This time at least.

Beware, Beau! One of these days...

You see, two nights ago he kept stealing the blanket. I'm realistic -- I know I do it all the time to him (or as my excuse is, it falls to my side, which it partially does) but it absolutely ticks me off when someone does it to me.

Then last night he sat up and YANKED the blanket off of me!!!

I rolled over and said "What the fudge!?!" only I didn't say fudge. He claimed he was just trying to figure out what was going on with the blanket.

Do you smell that? Sniff again... smells like bull crap to me!

I was so mad that I went and got a second blanket and gave him the stink eye the whole time. And you can bet that I will be sleeping with my separate blanket for the rest of the week!


Nikki said...

This totally made me laugh! My exhusband n I sell w seperate blankets bc he always stole then from me!

Just a Jersey Girl said...

mac & i have those issues too. i use two blankets. a little one to go on top of me & then we share the comforter. that way when he steals it, i still have one lol

Melissa88Senick said...

Aww. What a mean butt he was while you were sleeping. If he has such a problem....he should have gotten another blanket. Men!!! haha.

Jessica said...

Hubs and I always use separate blankets!

TayloreJazmine said...

Just deprive him from sex for a few days lol
I love your blog btw, and now following, blondes definatly do it better!!


Heather said...

Using two comforters (one for him, one for me) pretty much saved my husbands life. Haha - you should have heard some of the late night 1/2 asleep screaming I did when the covers came off of me for the 4th time.


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

This made me laugh. Josh and I are the same way. He's also a giant BED HOG!