18 May 2012

Female friends...

(Please note: This post is meant to be funny, no disrespect/offense)

Let's talk about something...

Female friends.
Whatever you'd like to call them.

No this isn't one of those 'I don't have any female friends and I don't know why' post. But if you're asking yourself that, my response probably isn't blog appropriate.
Sorry I'm not sorry.

Anyway... I'm irresistible.

She used to look good to me but now I find her
She's so fine, there's no tellin where the money went
(you weren't singing along? my bad)

Ok, ok not exactly. Let me tell you something though:

My best friend from before kindergarten until high school... lesbian.
My best friend from 10th grade to present... bisexual.
Two really good friends of mine since 2005ish... lesbian... with each other!

I should mention that I have no problem with gays / bisexuals. It's not my cup of tea but to each their own.

But basically this is a PSA for you -- I tend to turn people lesbian.

Watch out, ladies!

Maybe it's because we taking pictures like this... haha
It wasn't my idea though!


thecoffeehouse said...

haha. no offense taken over here. just laughter. too funny.

Jessica said...

Hahaha!! No offense here either. ;)

Shauna said...

Ahah that cracked me up!! My bff came out in Junior High and then another one of my good friends came out in high school, and now he's my my tour guide to all the best gay clubs in NYC! :)

Meghan @ Shine On said...

Ha! This cracked me up! Too funny...

Keep Shining,