26 June 2012

NJ meet up update...


Remember when Nikki, Jamie and I all posted about a possible Jersey Blogger Meet Up...? 

Well friends we have a date which you all know of July 20th and since there is a bunch of us who are all interested in coming and we are all over the stated we were thinking that it would be best to do it as Central Jersey as possible. 

Two places that Nikki found and thinks would be good to have the meet up are: 


She has been to both and they are both awesome! They both have outdoor seating which I think would be awesome for a July evening get together. 

Take a look at both places and let me know where you would rather do it. Also since some of you said you would be coming from work, we were thinking that the best time would be from 6pm on? Let me know what you think about the time! 

Let me know what you are thinking on all of this and where you would like to see the meet up! 


lil desiqua said...

Oooh I love Micke's Courtside in New B, but either one would be great! So excited!

Jussie De Guida said...

I'm also a fellow NJ blogger, I would love to be a part of this!!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I wish I was up there to meet up!