04 June 2012

Another weekend was here and left...

First off, thank you all for your kind words on Friday.
We appreciate them more then you'll ever know!

And also to my anonymous Friday night commenter, I
posted that 2 months ago about a movie -- get over it.

Why do the weekends always seem to fly by? Friday night blurs into Sunday night and it time to start a new week. This weekend was pretty good though...

Saturday was the 100th anniversary of NJ's concrete mile and to celebrate they had a parade of 60 pre-World War II cars. It was pretty cool!

While I relaxed at home Saturday night, Beau was at game two of the Stanley Cup. So all night, I was getting picture updates. Him and his friend had a blast though!

Sunday night we went to my aunt's house for dinner (and drinks) and had a wonderful time filled with laughter

We looked through old photos trying to find my Nan's wedding picture and found my Dad's 8th grade class picture. Oh how times have changed...

Today is a rainy day in NJ... the hot summer temperatures have gone away again. It gives Sammy and I a good excuse to lounge around though!

I've also been listening to Ali Dee a lot lately... I love songs and her voice is amazing! You should go download her song!

Have a great day!!


Jessica said...

Boy Meets World! YES

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I swear that 8th grade photo looks like college!