10 September 2011

Yeah, it happened...

I finally caved and started a blog of my own. After over a year of reading many, many blogs, I figured it was time!

Let me tell you a little about myself... My Fiance (we shall call him 'Beau' from now on) and I live in a small town in New Jersey where we were both born and raised. We have dreams of moving South but that won't be happening for at least another two years. Why two you may ask? Because that is when I will be walking down the aisle in a beautiful white dress while Beau waits for me at the other end and we begin a new chapter of our lives. Knowing life, we will probably end up waiting longer than two years to move but it definitely will not be happening before then.

I started this blog as a place to keep my thoughts and share my life experiences. I hope you enjoy!

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