12 September 2011

What's in a name...

90 Percent Blonde - What does that mean? Here is a little insight as to how I named my blog.

I am naturally a dirty blonde. Unfortunately, I tend to fit into the dumb blonde category. I do have my smarter moments but there are times when I am ‘blonde’ the entire day. A few months ago, Beau told me that I was 90% blonde and 10% brunette. The rest of the day, whenever I had a blonde moment, he would look over and go “Yup, 90% blonde!”

I've dyed my hair in the past but it doesn't hide who I truly am. I am a blonde and proud of it. Besides, we really do have more fun!

As a side note, who has seen this commercial? Beau and I are in love with it!

Hope everyone has a good Monday! 

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