11 September 2011

Only 10 short years later...

Where was I on 9.11.01? Sitting in math class. The principal came over the loudspeaker and asked for anyone with family who worked in NYC to come to the library. After they informed those student of what was happening, they then told the rest of the school. I was in shock. How could someone do that?

I'll never forget how quiet it was that night... The sound of the crickets filled the air and occasionally a plane or helicopter would fly over - I held by breath in fear. My family and I stayed up all night watching the news. It was the kind of broadcast you didn't want to see but watched anyway.

2,983 people lost their lives, including 23 NYPD Officers, 343 FDNY Firefighters, and 1 bomb-sniffing dog.

Today, on the 10 year anniversary, may we remember those who died not only at Ground Zero but also in the War of Terror. Lets pray for the safety of those still fighting for our freedom and hope they able to return home soon.

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