13 September 2011

Bachelor Pad 2 and a CW Preview…

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Yesterday I opened my mailbox to find this little beauty

My Burberry Body sample!

It’s such a soft, feminine fragrance which stayed about 7 hours. Once my budget allows, I will definitely be buying the 60ml bottle! No french whore smell over here!

Today will be a busy day spent cleaning the house since I was able to schedule my next back procedure for this Thursday. I’ll tell you more about my back issues in a future post but to clue you in, it hurts... big time! Hopefully the procedure they are doing works and I can be pain-free for the first time in 9 months. I’m pretty nervous about it though so happy vibes, please!

Warning: The rest of this post is Monday night TV-related and really long.

If you were unable to watch something on TV last night, I may have watched it for you. Personally, Monday normally consists of a glass - or two - of wine and The Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad but last night was a big night for my DVR... Bachelor Pad 2 Finale then Reunion plus The CW 2011 Fall Preview Special (and on top of that were Beau’s shows: American Chopper and Ridiculousness).

First off, how about the Bachelor Pad final challenge?


The last challenge was a 60 second Cirque du Soleil routine – 50 seconds choreographed and 10 seconds of freestyle - which the couples had 24 hours to master. Oh, and it takes place on a 100 foot wall. Holy moly!
It’s a shame to see Ella and Kirk sent home so close to the end but they really did do horribly at the challenge. I was pretty tired of hearing about Ella needing the money for son, as mean as that sounds. Michelle has a daughter and yeah, she says about how she needs the money for her sometimes but not every.single.interview.

I HATE Casey and Vienna and am glad they didn’t make the final four. Their routine was pretty good BUT… Michael and Holly totally rocked it! I wish they would have rekindled their relationship. I adore Michael and it’s a shame Holly couldn’t forget about Blake. He was such a player during the whole season.

Now for the reunion/vote... It was revealed that Blake and Holly are engaged (with a beautiful ring) and she is moving cross country to live with him! They appear to be super happy and I’m glad but my heart breaks for Michael especially since he didn’t find out until the show.

Graham and Michelle are a couple and he’s there to support her while she is dealing with the loss of her father to cancer. They are adorable though and I wish them the best.

Chris asked if Casey and Vienna were still together and they are but who knows what their future holds. Casey talked about how it’s an ‘unhealthy relationship’. Shocker ::enter sarcasm:: They are such a horrible couple.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Casey apologize to Jake for not hearing his side of the story. Then they did the whole hand shake/half hug. Well let me tell you, if looks could kill, Vienna would have murdered them both.

Finally, the housemates voted and the winning couple both picked 'share' so…

The winners of $125,000 each are...

I knew Michael would pick ‘share’ but I was unsure about Holly. I hoped that she wouldn’t hurt him any more than she already has.

Ben Flajnik is officially the next Bachelor which I have mixed feelings about. On Ashley’s season, I wasn’t a fan of him until the middle of the season. I was Team JP all along though so I’m glad JP won (however I would have loved to watch another season of him!) Sorry Ben, chances are I will not be watching you.

For the CW's fall lineup...
Hart of Dixie looks like it should be a good show. It combines medicine, Southern Belles (the snotty kind), dating, and the complications of being in a new town where you don’t know anyone. Series premier Monday, September 28 at 9/8c. You can find the trailer here.

In Ringer, Sarah Michelle Gellar plays the part of Bridget and her twin sister (interesting). Anyway, her sister Siobhan kills herself so Bridget takes over her life – obviously not telling anyone Siobhan is dead. Honestly, I probably wouldn’t have watched the show but I am so curious as to what happens that I will be watching at least the first episode which premiers tonight at 9/8c or can be seen again Friday at 8/7c. Trailer.

The Secret Circle didn’t really catch my eye. I used to be more into shows like that but that was when it was still Sabrina: The Teenage Witch. Unless there is nothing else on TV, I will not be watching this. Watch the trailer, judge for yourself. Premiers this Thursday at 9/8c and you can catch it again Friday at 9/8c.

Can I be on H8R? I also hate Kim Kardashian and Snookie… Even though I watch both of their shows ::enter embarrassed face here:: I think Snookie may have a true side but Kim K is one of my most hated stars since, well, she isn’t really a star! Her big butt is what got her and her family fame and Kim’s wedding being called ‘America’s royal wedding’ was – in my opinion – a disgrace to the USA. See a sneak peek here or just wait and watch the season premier this Wednesday at 8/7c.

Remodeled follows Paul Fisher and his goal to expand small modeling agencies by networking them while discovering the next generation of supermodel. I couldn’t find the full trailer but this
was my favorite part of it. I literally LOL’ed! The series will not begin until mid season and a date has not been released.

I must include a show that was not on the preview but will be returning this fall. One Tree Hill: The Final Season… I am NOT looking forward to this. I have been watching this show since 2003 so to know this is the final season breaks my heart and I don’t want it to end. As far as a season premier date, I cannot find one – it just say Mondays at 9/8c.  

I can’t forget to mention, Pan Am will by taking off from an airport near you on Sunday,
September 25 at 10/9c. So excited!!!!!

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