14 September 2011

Oh, How Pinteresting...

Well, we made it. Hump Day is here!

Today I'm linking up with Michelle over at The Vintage Apple for Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday. I have been obsessed with Pinterest for the past few weeks now and I'm glad to share with you some of the awesome things I've found lately...

Isn't this such a wonderful idea! I could definitely use this water bottle when I take my walks.

Essie's Chinchilley... Such a nice color!

A sunken trampoline?! Yes, please!!! My future home will include this.

Speaking of my future home...
This is completely different from my dream house but I'm really loving it!

Dear dress, Get in my closet... Now! Please :-)

Beau tells me I have too many shoes but is that actually possible?

And since I can't do a Pinteresting Wednesday without a cute or funny animal picture...

Did anyone watch Ringer last night? I'm quite possibly hooked. If you haven't heard of it, it was included in The CW Preview I posted about here. This is what went down... Bridget was arrested for prostitution and possession but since she witnessed a murder, all charges was going to be dropped if she testified in court. She was under protection but assaulted the officer, stole his gun, and ran off to Siobhan's (her identical twin sister) house. They went out on the boat when Bridget woke up from a nap and her sister was gone. Bridget decided to take over Siobhan's life to escape her own - not knowing that her sister's life was just as messed up... That's all I'm going to say though so I don't spoil it. Seriously, watch it. 

It was also Teen Mom Tuesday. What did everyone think? Myself and Kerri (who is awesome, check out her blog) were texting back and forth about it ::cough::mainlybashingFarrah::cough:: 
Here are my thoughts...
Amber is the definition of a train wreck. She didn't do anything overly stupid in this episode but her life is a mess. Does she even own a mirror and if so, does she ever look at it? Speaking about appearance, Farrah needs something done about her new look. The way she had her hair and makeup made her look like a drag queen. And I'm not even going to get started on her braces! Maci and Ryan's bickering annoys me but I feel bad for Bently. She really needs to stop pressuring Kyle to get married and/or have kids. Just deal with your current child, your baby daddy, and school. Catelynn and Tyler are so cute! Huge props to Cate for finishing school. I'm glad they were able to get away because it really does help a relationship.   

And if care packages were to be sent to the girls, they would include:
  • Amber - A hair brush, new falsies, and an eyebrow pencil
  • Farrah - Pamprin and some tampons
  • Maci - Proactiv and some better extensions
  • Catelynn - Flowers (because she's so sweet and doesn't need any of the above)

That's about all for today... Beau and I get to have a relaxing day together since it's his day off. Tomorrow is my procedure (so scared!) but it's not until noon so look out for another post in the morning!


Married...with a Pup said...

I love all those pins! Seriously pinterest is sooo addicting!

90 Percent Blonde... said...

Thank you! It is extremely addicting. I could spend all day on it!