28 September 2011

Best. Holiday. Ever...

Happy 'Ask a Stupid Question' Day!!! Now if you know me, you will no that this holiday doesn't have too much of a meaning for me since I always ask stupid questions. I think I'm going to kick it up a notch today though... Beau will want to kill me by the end of the day!

(I read the above statement to him and he agreed with the whole thing and is already mad that I plan on stepping it up. Butthead.)


I'm excited that it's Wednesday so I can share with you a new(ish) love: combining yellow and grey!

Not yellow and grey but I wanted to add these since they are in the crockpot as we speak:

In other words, my house is smelling DEE-LICIOUS!!!

So Beau's work schedule changed for the millionth time. It sucks but looking at the full picture I guess it works out better. Right now, he has Wendesdays and Saturdays off (unless he takes OT) but now he will have Wednesdays and Thursdays off meaning 2 days in a row for the first time in well over a year (small getaway in the future???). The main problem with this: my birthday is on a Sunday so we are planning on going out Saturday night. Well, he will be working Friday until midnight then Saturday 6a-6p then Sunday 6a-6p meaning he isn't going to want to go out with everyone. Boooo!

Now for last night's shows...

Teen Mom  - Really? They couldn't just make the reunion 1 night? I mean, of course I wanted to see what was up with Amber and Farrah and all they drama that follows them but I really wanted a Catelynn update. Now I apparently have to wait until next week... ridiculous.

Ringer - I'm confused as to why Siobhan went to France to look for her true love who doesn't know her... or something like that. The ending was interesting to say the least. I don't want to say more in case someone hasn't watched it yet!

Awkward. - Does anyone besides from myself watch this? I felt so bad for Matty even though he kind of did it to himself (over time). I hope they bring it back for a second season.

Body of Proof was also on last night but I didn't get a chance to watch it. It's on my to-do list today. Is it bad that watching a tv show is on my to-do list? I really need more of a life!

So what stupid question do you plan on asking today and who will it be directed to?

PS: I can now be found on twitter! @90percentblonde


Ashley said...

hey girl! love your pins, just found your blog and its darling!!

Holly said...

Great pins! Love me some yellow and grey :)

And Teen Mom? I totally agree. This week wait s going to be a killer haha.

-Holly @ Eight Six Eleven

♥ tiffany said...

Yellow and gray is such a great combo! I love those photos of the yellow and gray nursery!

90 Percent Blonde... said...

Thanks everyone :-)