20 September 2011

Finally, a trip out of the house...

Yesterday was one of my busiest days since I had my procedure last week.

It started when I was attempting to go downstairs to have breakfast and there was a knock on my door. I looked out the front window to see a guy from the water company along with 4 trucks and a backhoe. Let me give you a little background first... (be prepared, it's kind of long)

The night of Tuesday the 6th, we had a few big storms start to come through New Jersey. I was doing laundry in the basement and when I went to switch the clothes around, there was around two inches of water on the floor. I was just down there 40 minutes earlier to put stuff in the washer -- how is there already two inches?! I had a feeling we would have flooding because of the hurricane that had just come through (ground was already saturated and we had flooding during the hurricane as well) but this quickly?

By the time Beau got home from work, we had over a foot of water in our basement. It was definitely a 'fml' moment. We had between three and four sump pumps running for three days straight and our local fire department pumped out the basement three times. The water would not stop flowing in! My smart Fiance had an idea: 'With how much water is flowing in, did a water line break?' So Wednesday/Thursday at midnight, we called the water company and at 4:30am, a technician was out to our house. According to him, it was all ground water from the storm but a crew would be out in the morning to double check. When that crew came out, they confirmed that there was no leak.

Fast forward to this morning... The guy knocks on the door and says that there is a leak in the water line in front of my house and he needs to turn the water off. But wait, I thought there wasn't a leak? So I got on the phone with the water company who claims they told us about the leak when they came out the morning we called. Needless to say, Beau and I are beyond ticked off and there is nothing we can do about it since they are the only water company here.

In front of my house.
Sorry for the poor iPhone zoom quality

So besides from that, I left the house yesterday to pick my mom up from dropping her car off at the body shop.

Poor Lisa!
A tree branch fell on her during one of the storms.

Me driving to pick up my mom = horrible idea! I was in so much pain -- I wasn't sure I was going to make it. But I did and I got back home, safe and sound! It was so nice to get out of the house though.

It was a big night for prime time television last night...

Two and a Half Men was a huge flop in my opinion. When the show first started, it was so funny. Not anymore though. Not since Jake grew up. I also wasn't that impressed with 2 Broke Girls. The commercials made it out to be funnier than it was. I'll continue to watch; maybe it gets better as the season goes on. The Playboy Club was not what I was expecting but I will definitely be watching again next week.

Now, I can't comment too much on Dancing with the Stars since I wasn't planning on watching this season. I did, however, flipped it on once and a while to check it out. Just when I thought Maksim Chmerkovskiy was the hottest guy, along comes his brother Valentin. Those Russians know how to breed them!

Left: Maks , Right: Val

(I think I watch too much TV... then again, what else do I have to do with a bad back!)

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