22 September 2011

Well isn't that wonderful...

Remember when I told you about the tree branch falling on the car (here)? Well, we picked it up from the body shop yesterday and...

They said it was the closest they could match it and 'depending on the angle, it's the same color' but every angle I look at it, it's darker. Seriously?!? I almost prefer the dent.

Later in the day, Beau went in the basement to wash his work clothes. The same basement that was flooded 2 week ago -- getting our new-ish washer and dryer wet. When he turned the washer on, all he gets is a humming sound. You have got to be kidding me! Can't I catch a break? Don't worry, we will be going after the water company especially since they lied to us!

So after picking up the car, going into the basement and such, my back was NOT feeling well. Beau ended up going to his parents house to do his laundry and I was home... in a ton of pain. So what is a girl to do when home alone, frustrated and in pain? She calls her mommy!

Next thing I knew, Mommy and Daddy (yes, that is what I call my parents and I always will) were at my door with a grilled cheese sandwich.

Thank God for the best parents ever! The only two people a girl can always count on!

And to get you through the day:


Holly said...

Oh no! That saying "when it rains it pours" is so true. Everything seems to happen at once. But you knew the best solution! Aren't parents the best. I visit mine at least twice a week and we talk everyday! We'd be lost without them :)

Hope things get fixed soon for you!!

-Holly @ Eight Six Eleven

90 Percent Blonde... said...

Holly, that is so true! And thank you, I hope things get fixed soon too. Parents really are the best. I see mine about every other day and I talk to them on the phone at least once a day.

And Nickie, I am SO sorry I deleted your comment instead of publishing it. That will teach me to be lazy and use my iPhone instead of my computer (even though it's only 3 feet away!) So since I can't get it back through Blogger...

The Random Years said... Aww, I'm sorry, that stinks. =( Thanks for the comment on my blog! Love yours and I'm going to follow now. =D

Thank you!

Just a Jersey Girl said...

my parents are in my phone as mommy & daddy. I call them mom & dad in person unless they're not paying attention then I use mommy & daddy!

Sorry you're having a crummy time lately. Hope things start looking up!