14 November 2011

You know you want one too...

I'm sure you're all familiar with the 'see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil' monkeys as seen below

But did you know that there is a fourth???

Let me go back a little... So Saturday morning, I finally got my ring back from the jewelers after they had it for 3 weeks while replacing the sapphire. I put the ring on, go to admire it, and BAM - there it is, the big ol' freaking chip! Once Beau and I both got out of work, we ended up taking it back so the sapphire can actually get replaced this time (that's all besides the point but I wanted to rant a little about it first). After dropping my ring off, we walked around the mall a little and B wanted to go into a pen store. I didn't want to because since he works in the medical field, any $500 pen he got would get lost within a week and besides, who spends more than $1.99 on a pen? He finally convinced me to go in though and right in front of me was the greatest thing I've ever seen...

Mini Write No Evil - Hands Up

This little creation was (is) the cutest thing besides from Bow and Sammy. The salesman explained to us that he is 'the fourth monkey: write no evil'. So B asked how much it cost... holy moly folks - they wanted a small fortune a lot more then I was willing to pay for it. But even though I said no, B said that he was buying it for me since he could tell I really wanted it. Isn't he sweet! As much as I didn't want him to buy it because of the price, I am so happy it's mine!

Proud handcuff-wearing monkey owner over right here!
(I apologize for the messy hair and ginormous sweatshirt)

I haven't decided if I am going to leave him on our desk at home or take him to work with me. The plan was to have him sit on my desk at work but after I found out the price, I'm not sure I'm willing to chance him getting stolen (since everyone wants a pewter monkey, duh!) or lost.

Is it acceptable to leave him in my will for my first born? Just joking... maybe :-)


Nickie said...

that is sooo cute! i lovee it. =]

Jamie said...

He's adorable. :)