04 November 2011

Friday Confessions...

I confess...

... that forgot to mail in the rent check until yesterday but if my landlord calls, I'll say I sent it earlier. I don't want no late fee!

... that I've worn the same two pairs of pants all week since they're the only ones that currently fit.

... that I wish I had gone to college. Not just for the education but for the friends made.

... that I complained about it being too hot this summer and now too cold. Almost all of us are guilty of it though.

... that because of how cold it's been, I took over an hour long shower last night. Hello water bill!

... that I truly felt bad for my loyal readers for hardly posting this week. Once again, I'm sorry.

... that I had a Twilight marathon in preparation for the release of Breaking Dawn: Part 1.

... that I still do not understand why I have to pay off my wedding dress this month. Shouldn't it be due when the dress come in?

... that I leave the TV on even when I'm vacuuming or doing the dishes - even though I have my iPod on - because the flicker and noise of it makes me less scared in an empty house.

... that I am super jealous of my friends who just got married. They are in Hawaii right now... you know, the place I've ALWAYS wanted to go to. While they enjoy paradise, I'm under 2 blankets.

... that I bought an elliptical over a year ago and have only used it a hand full of times. To my defense though, it's a tough machine with a back injury!

... that I was kind of glad when Beau's PS3 broke last week. I thought maybe we would have more quality time together. He went out the next day and bought a new one though. Lame.

... that I almost teared up while watching Kendra this week because I didn't want Baby Hank's curls cut.

... that as much as I want to decorate my house for Christmas now, I will hold off until after Thanksgiving because Beau would kill me if I did it now. At least we get to keep it up until the first week of January since my family celebrates Ukrainian Christmas.

These are my confessions. What are yours?

I hope you all have a great weekend!


Maggie said...

Hahaha I didn't want Kendra to cut baby Hank's curls either!! They are TOO adorable to ever get rid of!!

Just a Jersey Girl said...

Oh I forgot I had Kendra recorded on the DVR. I'll have to watch it.

I wish I would of went to college too!

Michelle P said...

I want to be in Hawaii!

Rhiannon said...

Dont be too jealous of your friends in Hawaii, its been rainy over here all week long!
i also wish I had gone away to college... major bummer

Mamarazzi said...

oh my gosh...i teared up too. i really didn't want them to cut it.

thanks for linking up...love your confessions!

Jamie said...

I have done the same thing with the rent check. I might have done that numerous times over the years blaming the postal system for losing my mail.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I can't wait for the new twilight movie to come out! So excited!