28 November 2011

Thanksgiving weekend recap...

It was around 2pm on Wednesday when my mom called me.... Little background info: the whole week before, I had been asking what I am suppose to bring to my grandma's for Thanksgiving and I never got an answer. So here we are, the day before Thanksgiving and I am just now being told that I have to make a dessert. Wonderful! I have to figure out something to make AND go to the store for the ingredients. But what better place to turn to then Pinterest for inspiration!

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No bake peanut butter pie via pinterest

My completed pie. Sorry for the glare, the plastic top was on it (I forgot to take a picture before we left the house).
And yes, that is the aluminum pan the pie crust comes it. I realized after I left the store that I didn't have a pie plate.

PB pie = DELICIOUS!!! The recipe calls for a whole tub of whipped cream but I only added 3/4 of it and I think next time I make it, I'll add even less. I'm tempted to make one just for B and I but I know it would be a horrible idea unless I want to buy all new pants!

Now, if you ask Beau if he wants a boy or girl when we have kids, he'll say a boy but I think this picture says otherwise...

B and my niece
I wish I had my real camera instead of just the handy dandy iPhone

I had so much to eat (then again who doesn't on Thanksgiving), I was pretty much in a food coma all night! Beau even went to bed at 8:30pm because he was so stuffed!

I think you know by now that I had been waiting and waiting for Friday the 25th so I'd be able to decorate for Christmas. Well, the day came and I was in full Christmas mode! I even ventured out to Target for some Black Friday sales!

I would like to state that only about $50 of this order was mine.

Beau, Sammy, Bow, and my stockings hung by the (crappy) fireplace

Our tree... This is the first year we are using a fake tree. Kind of sad but it will be SO much easier.
I think I'll add another string or two of lights :-)

Just a few more things to do around the house and we will be ready for Santa! I also got our Christmas cards ordered last night. Once I get them and send them out, I'll post a picture.

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and if you didn't get a chance to read my Wish {out loud} post yesterday, you can check it out here!


Kate said...

I'm still super jealous of you (crappy) fireplace lol & that pie sounds super yummy

Michelle P said...

We have a fake tree this year also. I bought it last night. I'm sad about it.

Miranda said...

that pie looks so delicious! love your christmas decorations...i have yet to put ours up! :)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Love PB pie! it's the best! Great Christmas decorations!

Kelly's Avenue said...

That pie looks amazing =)

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