22 November 2011

An important topic to read and pass on...

I need to talk to everyone about a serious matter that is important to me.

With the upcoming holidays, people become really busy. It's understandable. But too often people get caught up with life around them that they forget about a very important thing... there dog. I'm not knocking the South - I love it down there - but there tends to be a lot more abandoned dogs down there. No matter where in the world you go though, you will find dogs whose owner's became too busy, or frankly just don't care, and chained them outside. This is NOT ok people!!! Dogs can freeze to death and the worst part about it is if they're chained, they can't even attempt to find someplace warm. If you see a dog outside for more then a day, please do something about it. Call your local animal control, knock on the door and ask the homeowner if you can give the dog some hay or a blanket, or call a local organization to help.

Do not ignore the dogs silent plea for help!

A fantastic organization against chaining dogs.
I am not affliated not am I paid by them - I just love the work they do.

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