01 July 2012

A Sunday Social to get me back on track...

Um, yeah... So the whole 'not really blogging for a week' thing, I do not have an excuse for. But let me tell you, it was kind of nice to not even open my laptop for a few days!

1. What is your favorite store to shop at?
The Jay... Tar-jay.
As you can see here.
2. If you could afford anything and everything, which designer brand would you covet?
I don't think I could pick a brand but I can tell you that I would buy everything that The Red Dress Boutique has to offer!

3. Must-have closet staple?
Skinnies. Tank tops of every color. Cardigans.
4. Favorite kind of shoes?
Summer -- Flip flops.
Winter -- Uggs

5. Best clothing deal you've ever gotten (sale or amazing find)?
I'd have to say my dress - from either F21 or Wet Seal - that I got on super sale...

6. Style you'd love to try?
Now it's time to see your answers... Go link up -- NOW!
I'm off to clean the house so I can tell Beau I did something today while he was at work.


Heather said...

I just cleaned my house :) Hahaha, I had the exact same thought process as you - I should probably clean so that hubs thinks I didnt sit at the computer blogging all day...


Ashley said...

I looooove me some scarves! I have a bit of an addiction :)

Thanks for linking up!

Nikki said...

I love scarves! I swear I have so many of them! They go with EVERYTHING!

Rachel @lifeasMrs said...

haha I love that I do it too.. quick sweep of the house and dishes and throw a load in right before he should be getting home and he'll never know.