27 July 2012

Friday letters...

Dear Friday: Thank goodness you are finally here. And? I have the day off... that's a win-win right there.

Dear Beau: I did not appreciate you stealing the covers last night. You're going down, boy!

Dear Sammy: It's acceptable for you to steal the covers. I mean, you're so gosh darn cute -- how can Momma deny that face?

Dear Tennis Injury: Yes, I cut myself playing tennis. I really wish you weren't on the part of my wrist which rests against the desk while I type. It's quite annoying. Please heal quickly, thanks.

Dear Target: Why must you always take my hard earned money? I try to avoid you on payday but it's so tough.

Dear September 1st: The Color Run AND Clemson's first football game of the season both on the same day!?! I may pass out that morning out of excitement.

Dear Clean Eating: I've decided to start you the week after next since I can't resist funnel cake at the Farmer's Fair next week. I'd rather delay starting you instead of failing.

Dear Mom and Dad: I'm so glad you come home from Virginia today... I tried to keep the pool clear. My attempts just didn't fully work. Sorry!

Dear Two Men From Last Night: (that sounded dirty) Anyway, thank you for moving the tree that was across the road far enough for me to squeeze me car through. You two were lifeesavers!


Token Yankee said...

Just about 36 days until the first Clemson game, I am keeping special track because it also my due date. My husband hopes we can watch the game haha! Have a fun day off!

Melissa88Senick said...

Happy Friday. Glad your momma and dad are coming back and you have the day off. Great start to the weekend. And who can wait for Sept. 1st? Game day cannot come soon enough.

Chelsea said...

Your blog is darling! I can't wait to read more :-)