08 July 2012

Sunday Social: TV Talk...

What is your favorite TV show of the past?
As in the 90s? I would have to go with Full House or Home Improvement
What is your current favorite TV show?
This is a tough one -- there are so many good shows!
Which reality show would you NEVER do?
Cops... Does that count as a reality show? LOL
Which reality show would you LOVE to do?
I always wanted to be on The Real World but I can't stand drunk people so it's better off that I don't audition.
And yes, I picked the Chicago cast from a million years ago (ok, from 2002) since they were the best season... "Kidney stones and kidney stones and not on the trip, not on the trip. Justin's coming, Justin's coming. I can't go, I can't go."
What is the TV personality/character that you feel is most like you?
I'm really not sure on this one. So let me ask YOU... Based on what you know about me, who would you pick as my TV personality?
Which TV character would you want to date?
This question was tougher than I thought it would be. I guess I'll go with George from Hart of Dixie
Hope you are enjoying the weekend! It's been a hot one so far!!


Victoria said...

i will take wade please :)

full house adn home improvement are classics!

Heather said...

Oh the days of Full House and Home Improvement...I miss the 90's!

Kerbi said...

Giuliana and Bill are my fave reality couple!

kaylee said...

Loved reading through this post! Hahahah when I saw Farrah I died laughing! Full House & Home Improvement were such good shows! Me & my sis always watched them growing up! It would be fun to be on The Real World, but I think I would get sick of it after a couple of days!

Heather said...

Hhahahaha omg I saw Farrah's face and I was like "omggg nooo"

You crack me up girl :)


Nicholl Vincent said...

guliana and bill is the greatest show!

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happy sunday!

Nikki said...

Full House! OMG I totally forgot about that show! It was great! I used to LOVE Uncle Jessie! I think its funny we both would LOVE to do The Real World! Maybe its a Jersey thing?

Anonymous said...

Love Home Improvement! ABC had such great family shows.

Heather @ Cookies For Breakfast said...

HAHAHA OMG I am laughing so hard with that Farrah picture! HILAR!

Also, Cops... too freaking funny.

I looooved RW Chicago. My memory escapes me because I can never remember which season was my all-time fave - Chicago, Seattle, or Hawaii. And there's another one I'm forgetting...

I was just thinking this week, while watching RW St. Thomas, that old school Real Worlds were way better than the ones they have now. The new ones don't film for as long, they don't get a "real" job (usually some crap blow off job, unlike in the past), and it's just not the same. Very similar to how the MTV Movie Awards & VMAs used to be HUUUUGE and now they just fizzle.

Anyway, excellent post :)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I use to love Home Improvement!! That was the show! Oh my gosh, Josh and I make fun of Farrah so much because of her ugly cry!