04 October 2011

Target Tuesday...

Today, I've decided to link up with fabulous but evil for Target Tuesday!

The things I would buy if I was a millionaire (or even hundred-thousandaire)...

Entryway Bench with 3 Baskets/Cushions #amp##45; Black
Entryway Bench
But once we have a house with an entry, I think my daddy will make me one like this. The plus-side of having a dad good with woodworking!

Brandywine Pullout Laptop Desk. Additional View 2
Brandywine Pullout Laptop Desk
I've been wanting this desk for a while now but we've been putting every extra penny toward the wedding. I'll sacrifice having to use my lap as a desk if it means more money for the wedding.

Brooklyn Bridge (48 x 32")
Brooklyn Bridge (48 x 32")
An awesome picture of the Brooklyn Bridge. Oh NYC!

Dolce 4-Shelf Bookcase - Dark Walnut
Dolce 4-Shelf Bookcase
This bookcase matches my coffee and end table and would look amazing in my living room.

Thrashing Zombie - Black
Thrashing Zombie
I think a bunch of these around the yard would be the bomb dot com! There's a chance Beau may agree and think it's awesome but there is also the possibility I would end up joining them in the yard!

Since my birthday is in a couple weeks, I will gladly accept any of these as a loving birthday present. I know what you're thinking, 'dream on!' but hey, it was worth a shot.


Lauren said...

Oh I want that bench and the bookshelf:)

Just a Jersey Girl said...

Minus the zombie I love it all :)

Lindsey said...

I need that entry way bench and bookshelf! Especially for my new house!!!! It would look perfecto. TOo bad I'm not millionare or thousandaire either. waaaaahhhhhhhhh

Michelle P said...

I love all of that! So cute.

Maggie said...

Ohh the things I would buy if I was a hundred-thousandaire...

Just stopping by after seeing your comment on Natasha's blog! I love finding fellow Jersey Girl bloggers to follow! :)

tara said...

LOVE the entry way bench!

Megan said...

Love that bench! I tried to reply to your comment but your email is not set up to it :(. Thanks for stopping by :)

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Oh that entry bench is awesome! Happy almost birthday!

Lowcountry Spoiled said...

Target Tuesdays are the best! What a great idea and I will be following along so you can help me pick out great buys!