03 October 2011

October, already???

For starters...

A very happy birthday to my mommy!

My mom's high school graduation photo
Today is my mommy's 60th birthday and I couldn't be more proud to call her mine! I know a lot of people say this about their parents but my mom truly has the warmest heart of anyone you'll meet. She is always willing to help out where ever she can and is wonderful at everything she does. Most of all, she never gives up on me. She has always believed in me and has never told me my dreams are out of reach. Happy birthday, Mommy! I love you!!!

What better way to start off October then with a win by Clemson! For those who know me though, the game was bittersweet. My parents were suppose to move to Virginia when I was in high school so I had planned on going to Virginia Tech. They ended up not moving so I never went. VT still holds a special place in my heart but when it comes to football, Clemson is my team. It was obvious who I would cheer for but it would have also been nice to see VT win. 

Besides the start of fall, October is a special month. As I already said, today is my mommy's birthday then comes my parent's anniversary, my niece, Ocean's birthday, MY BIRTHDAY, my daddy's birthday and finally Halloween!

And in honor of my birthday month, keep an eye out for a giveaway!

Does anyone else watch Against the Wall? How romantic is Brody?!? I always go back and forth as to who I want Abby to be with but tonight Brody definitely got a lead over Danny! I wish Beau would surprise me with a night like that but that will never happen (self pity party over here... mini violin anyone?)

Week 2 of Pan Am and I'm still loving it! I was shocked to see Laura and Kate's mother on the flight to Paris. Then when the mom led Laura to her (ex)fiance... Holy moly! I almost had a heart attack for her! And when the drunk guy hit on Maggie: "I am NOT included in the price of your ticket!"

Well, off to run errands. Have a great day!


Erin Wallace said...

You look like your mom, esp the eyes! Following you back from the Tea Party, thanks for the super kind comments!

<3 Erin

Married...with a Pup said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom! My mom LOVES Pan Am and she is trying to get me to watch it! It must be good!

90 Percent Blonde... said...

Erin - Thank you! To me, that's definitely a compliment.

Married... with a Pup - Just on the phone with my mom (since her and my dad are on holiday in Florida and they just got back to the hotel... lucky) and she says 'thank you'! I do recommend checking out Pan Am. I've heard mixed reviews but I love it so far!

Thank you both for stopping by!