24 October 2011

On the road to iDo: An engagement story...

So I realized I never told you guys how Beau and I got engaged...

(After reading our story, you'll probably think 'Seriously, are you kidding me?!' but
our proposal completely fits us)

On Saturday, April 30, 2011, Beau and I decided to go to the jewelry store to look at ring settings. I had designed the ring I wanted but after looking for weeks, we couldn't find anything to match so we had to make our own. After finding the exact setting I had been dreaming of, we talked to Beau's friend who works at the store then left, happy as could be.

I went to another store to buy clothes I don't need look at some things while Beau went to the Apple store to look around. He then met up with me - Apple bag in hand - and it annoyed me that he bought yet another product since our house is already full of Apple stuff.

So after bad mouthing Beau’s Apple products, saying that I was going to personally yell at Steve Jobs (may he now rest in peace) if Beau got another product before getting me a ring, and jokingly saying that I wanted to punt the Apple bag across the parking lot for a good 5 minutes, Beau told me to look in the bag. There is was, next to the Apple TV... a ring box! I pulled out the box and opened it to see my dream ring. At that moment, Beau asked if I would marry him. Obviously I said yes!

Unknown to me, the reason he wanted to go 'look at settings' was because the ring was ready to be picked up and after going to the Apple store, he ran back to the jewelers to grab it. Was it the romantic proposal I wanted? Not at all. Was it us? Completely!

Photo courtesy of my iPhone

Some more 'ring porn' for you ladies :-)

PS: Did anyone watch the Against the Wall season finale last night? I was hoping we would finally find out who she would end up with but nope! Lifetime ended with her opening the door but not showing who she picked. Seriously?!?!?!?!? There better be a season 2!!!

No, it wasn't a coinkydink that Brody is shirtless... you're welcome


Nickie said...

Your ring is so cute! Love the blue. =D

Holly said...

Aww your engagement story is great! And your ring is gorgeous... love it :)

-Holly @ Eight Six Eleven

Michelle P said...

Your ring is so pretty!

Emily said...

I love your ring! So pretty. I love the engagement story! It doesn't ever turn out to be the way people pictured it to be, but it is always perfect for the couple!!

Mia Maree said...

Your ring is gorgeous Sarah! And no, I'm catching up on Against the Wall tonight! eee...but now that I know we still don't know who she chooses! ahh! I'm sure it is still a great episode :-)

alyssa said...

lucky girl! what great ring :)


Kelli Diane said...

found you on twitter! Thanks for following! stop over and follow my blog too if you like!


Just a Jersey Girl said...

our engagement wasn't anything special, but it fits us too

Victoria said...

what a beautiful ring!! congrats!

oh and i totally watched "against the line" ...i personally hope she picks brody (something about danny that turns me off, maybe because he tries too hard...) i bet they will make her choose danny even though she used the line she always says to brody on the phone. haha ok my rant is over :)

happy thursday!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

That's such a great ring!

Vicki said...

This is the cutest engagement story! :) I love it!