12 October 2011

Does everybody know what time it is???

If you follow me on twitter, you know I am feeling under the weather. I woke up yesterday morning feeling like my throat was so swollen that my uvula was touching my tongue making me nauseous. Beau and I both thought it was impossible but since I felt miserable, my grandma forced me to go to the doctor. Well, it IS possible for your throat to be so swollen that your uvula touches your tongue and mine WAS that swollen. Awesome, right? So now I'm on three Prednisone a day for 4 days and two Amoxicillin a day for 10 days... Lucky me. What does one do when they have a sore throat though? Buy ice cream, of course!

Mmmm chocolate!

On to more important news... Even though my parents had 3 girls, our whole family sat down every week to watch our favorite sitcom family (who had 3 boys)

My dad's favorite celebrity is Tim Allen so it comes as no surprise that Home Improvement was his favorite show. We watched it religiously and have seen every episode. I can't believe I'm admitting this but my dad and I would even grunt 'just like the tool man' while building stuff and yes, I built stuff. I even took 4 years of wood shop! Maybe the reason I liked the show so much was because Tim reminded me of my own dad (and Jonathan Taylor Thomas was so cute). Home Improvement was such a good family show and it's a shame they don't make quality shows like it anymore. But wait, is there a new show that can stand up to it???

It's not Tim 'The Tool Man' Taylor but it wasn't bad. It made me laugh but the whole time I was comparing it to Home Improvement. It's tough to make a new show when you had such a successful one for years. I'll continue to watch it since it's still good. Who knows, maybe it will be at popular as Home Improvement one day!

Side note: They had a reunion a couple months ago. You'll notice Earl Hindman (Wilson Wilson) isn't in the picture. Unfortunately, he died of lung cancer in December 2003.

Are there any shows that remind you of your family?

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Anonymous said...

That reunion photo is so funny!! What an awesome show.

Anonymous said...

PS. Feel better!

Megan said...

I totally think of my dad when I think of Home Improvement. That is one we all watched as a family too! I didn't catch last man standing but I plan on watching it online later this week. I'm going to try not to compare to Home Improvement, but I know it will be tough!

Michelle P said...

I love Jonathan Taylor Thomas!

amy said...

Oh did I love me some JTT!!!!!!!

Holly said...

I totally agree... ice cream is the cure to sore throats! Actually ice cream is the cure to many things. Love it :)

-Holly @ Eight Six Eleven

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

I was IN LOVE with JTT back in the day...sigh... Hope you get to feeling better really soon! Being sick is not fun!

JMB said...

I LOOOVED Home Improvement!! Do you remember watching TGIF? Those were the nights when it was actually FUN to stay HOME on a friday night!! Gaaah, I wish that stuff still came on!! GET BETTER sister friend!! I have been fighting a cold for 2 weeks now! And mine startd with a sore throat! I ate a whole tub of ice cream...and I mean a TUB haha...and I've not rain since last week since I've been sick....I look cute! haha All swollen :) Rammmbling!! xoxoxoxo

Chelsea said...

Yikes girl, I hope you feel better :( That doesn't sound good at all!!

I'm loving that reunion picture! That show was definitely a family favorite growing up. I'll never forget a Halloween episode they had when the basement was a haunted house. We "taped" it and watched it over and over for years! :)