19 October 2011

Ah, the joys of sleeping in...

Good morning everyone! Well, I guess it's actually afternoon but I got a MAJOR late start today. I needed it though... between starting work yesterday, not being able to fall asleep because of my back, and still recovering from my sore throat/sickness-thingy, sleeping late was a necessity! Sammy enjoyed it though

I look HORRIBLE but I had to show y'all how Sammy was sleeping!
(sorry for the graininess)

Work went well yesterday. It's nothing like it use to be since everyone in the office is new but at least it's a job that I already know. I even have my old desk back! Once I get it decorated a little I'll post a picture. I'm glad it's only part time right now though because my back hardly handled yesterday -- I couldn't imagine having to wake up today and sit at the desk for another 8 hours.

After work was Taco Tuesday at my aunt's house! Tacos for dinner then warm brownies with ice cream for dessert... MmmmMmmm!!! We also watched Bridesmaids, which I've been dying to see. It was good but I thought it was suppose to be more of a comedy. Yes, parts were funny but other parts were kind of sad. It was a good night though. The highlight of the night? My cousin Mander... 'I went to NY&Co and they gave me 2 coupons for $15 off a $30 purchase!' That was when my other cousin, Ally, informed us that you got 1 coupon per $40 spent. Whoops!

I finally caught up on this week's HIMYM... they're having a BOY!!!! Yes, I'm aware it's not real but I'm so happy for the characters! I was cracking up through the whole episode though because of what Robin's boyfriend/therapist was saying about the group. It was such a good episode but then again, has there been a bad one? I can't believe Barney is still wearing the ducky tie! Too funny...

Since this is what the east coast is dealing with today:

Sammy and I will be cuddled on the couch watching tv and maybe a movie or two if the satellite goes out. Luckily, we're just in the thunderstorm section but prayers are going out to those getting the severe storms. Mother Nature has not been treating us well this year!

Have a safe Wednesday!


Megan said...

Ahhhh I haven't watched the new HIMYM yet but I figured they were having a boy because of an older episode referencing that. I will have to catch up tonight. And it is pretty nasty here right now, although my parents on the coast have it worse. I wish I could snuggle up and I plan on doing just that tonight when I get home!

Holly said...

I'm sooo excited that they are having a boy too! Cannot wait. And yay for snuggle time with the furbabies :)

-Holly @ Eight Six Eleven

Michelle P said...

I haven't watched the new episode yet either but I'm excited!

meghan said...

Ah, so happy to find another HIMYM worker! Congrats on being back at work, and making it through a full half-day - that's big, especially when you're at a desk.

megs [at] Shine On

meghan said...

PS. I just gave you a blog award. :) Check it out here!!

Mackeys Moments said...

New follower from meghan's blog!
Such cute furbabies u have!
And I'm so jealous you got to sleep in!

Barbie said...

I dont watch that show but its so funny because I get emotionally involved with my T.V. shows too! Im your new follower..Found you one eight six eleven.