24 October 2012


Currently, I'm...

Reading: I would say blogs but lately I haven't even had much of a chance to read those! About the only thing I've been reading lately are papers at work, as sad as that sounds. I should go pick up a good book... Recommendations?

Watching: Giuliana & Bill: Baby Dreams. I'm sure by now you know I love those two. One thing you may not know though is that I've always dreamed of being a gestational carrier. How amazing would it be to give a family the gift of life -- a gift they could not achieve on their own. When I saw this on the TV guide last night (which first aired this Spring but I always missed it), I knew I had to record it to watch. So here I am, watching it now!

Thinking about: A few things are currently jumbled in this head of mine right now. First is Beau and how I'm kind of ticked at how late he'll be getting out of work. That's the life of an EMT though... I would know! There were many nights he'd be waiting for me and I would be getting out 3 hours late. Second is that I should really be cleaning the house right now. At least vacuuming since Sammy pulled a bunch of stuffing out of her one toy. Third is that I really need to pee but am too lazy to walk upstairs right now  plus I don't want to disturb the sleeping puppy at my feet so I'll hold it. TMI?

Loving: YOU! And my birthday present from my sister and brother-in-law... A Clemson collar/scarf for the Samster!

Looking forward to: Our next Virginia trip. Hopefully I'll be able to go in November for a few days before the place gets winterized for the season. I'm also looking forward to decorating for Christmas.

Wondering: Why there are so many cars driving past my house at 9:40 on a Tuesday night. Shouldn't these people be home in bed?

Cooking/baking: Nothing at the moment but on Friday (aka: my first day off in 9 days) I'll be making pumpkin spice cookies!

Disliking: The thought of getting out from under the blanket to go upstairs and use the bathroom. And the amount of spiders I've been seeing thanks to the cold weather. Gross.

Making me happy: Pictures like these...

You better believe I'll be getting an underwater camera and doing this next summer!

(post idea borrowed from Katie who borrowed from Tammy who borrowed from Dani)
(phew, that's a lot of borrowing!)

And for the continuation of Friendship Week, today's prompt is celebrities you'd be BFFs with. I'm thinking...

We'd go together like PB and chocolate... Like a Reese's!
And the lame joke award goes to me.

Obviously! After all, she's amazeballs.

I can understand a heart like hers.

I think that's a pretty good group of best friends. Don't you think?

Bonus: If a guy does me wrong, Miranda can help me - er, you know - then Giuliana can report about it on E! News and speak of my innocence, and you bet they'd make a movie and the gorgeous Reese can play me! Double duty friends right there!


Nikki said...

OMG those cookies sound amazingly good! Share please!

Jessica said...


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I always love watching G&B. They seem like such a great couple and I love their journey. I'm always at least a week behind on blogging.

Meghan @ Shine On said...

Ha - love your best friends list!! Miranda is kick-butt!!

Meghan @ Shine On