31 May 2012

Awkward... and Awesome...

Last night I was lying in bed, planning on doing the Awkward & Awesome link up today but it doesn't seem like it is a link up... just a bunch of people who do it.
If it is one, please let me know so I can put your button on my page. Thank you.


-- Beau's dad made a comment about my boobs the other day. Umm, I'm your future daughter-in-law.

-- Going to the store to buy ice cream and potato chips aka: a pregnant lady's shopping cart. No bean here though! There may be one in B's belly though -- he's the one who wanted both!
(And yes, I did ask if he wanted pickles with it. He thought about it but noticed we had some in the fridge haha)

-- Being in my 20s and thoroughly enjoying Boyfriend by The Biebs.

-- Sammy lying in bed with Beau and I but deciding she wanted her butt by our heads and head near our feet. She then rolled over for a belly rub.

-- Dancing in the car, while driving, and looking over to see there is a car next to you... staring at you.

-- Yesterday I went for my yearly exam, if you know what I mean, and a new doctor walked in the room. A tall average height, dark, and handsome male doctor. If that wasn't awkward enough, he saw my skull and crossbones tattoo and asked if I was a pirate... MID EXAM!

Yes, that got FIVE awkward turtles. Five.
Bethany asked if I did the awkward turtle... I think that
would have made it a million times more awkward though!


-- Watching the Devils game last night while enjoying chocolate froyo with fresh strawberries

-- Finding an adorable dress to wear for B's brother's wedding in a few weeks (you'll see it then)

-- The house is clean, 95% of the yard work is done... Which means I'm not planning on doing either all weekend!

-- The weather we've been having. Until today that is -- it's a little cooler but I've enjoyed the 90-degree weather we've had the rest of the week.

-- Dance Moms comes back on next week! Oh how I've missed Abby yelling at little kids...

-- Having house plants that after 6+ months are STILL alive!!! Some of you are thinking this is normal but for me, it's not. I have a black thumb and usually kill everything.

-- Getting our engagement photos done soon. I mean, it's only been a year since we got engaged!


Alana Christine said...

Where do I start...
Boob comment is definitely weird!
I love that he has prego cravings! lol
That song is so stinkin addictive!
I could never have a male OB!! Embarrassing!
Kudos on the plants--I can manage to kill plastic plants. haha

lil desiqua said...

Every time I think of house plants, I think of How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days haha! And umm... I don't like male doctors for that type of appt... I would be so weirded out! But chips and ice cream sound like a winning combo!

Nikki said...

Beau's dads comment about your boobs.....totally weird. I find it hysterical when I am going over my chorey for combat in my car and the people in the next car look at me like I'm crazy. The best is when I am doing the knife chop hahaha!

Sarah @ Scissors and a Whisk said...

Lol!!! How awkward about your FIL!

We have quite a bit in common :) i love the biebs song and dance moms :)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

While we were in LA last weekend, I swear we heard Boyfriend at least 40 times.