08 May 2012

Home, sweet, home... Ugh

I'm back from Virginia against my will.

Let me tell you something, it is tough to leave there to come back to NJ. Especially since Sammy was having the time of her life (as I'm sure my twitter followers know)

My little Scion... packed to the max

Nice and warm (and it wasn't even that cloudy)

Sammy at the welcome center.
Yes, I am THAT crazy pet parent.
Even she didn't want the picture taken.

Down at the pond.
She loved it until she heard a frog... then she wanted
nothing to do with it, at all!

"Look Ma, I'm free!!!"

And that last picture explains it all... One of the many reasons I was sad to leave Virginia. In NJ we live on the highway so Sam has to be leashed the whole time but once we got to the property, she was able to run and have the time of her life. Seeing her so happy made me smile!

But now we're home. Booooo! Hopefully going back to Virginia soon (at least dreaming to)

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Anonymous said...

So fun!!

Meghan @ Shine On said...

Girl, I feel the same way about leaving WA and coming back to TN. =( Glad you had a good time...


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

It looks like Sammy loved it! glad you had a great time being back home in VA!

thecoffeehouse said...

your pups are awesome! love that last picture. dogs out in the country ... there is nothing better.