01 May 2012

Bloggers block...

I don't know if it's my boring life or this cold weather but lately I've been completely uninspired. I love to blog and wish I could do so each and every day but recently, I just have no idea what to write about. It's bad people! I've never had bloggers block this much before.

Hopefully, I'll get some relaxation in during my weekend trip to Virginia and will come back with a million blog posts (hey, one can wish!)

On that topic though... 3 days until I leave for the good 'ol South and boy am I beyond ready!

I need sun.
I need warmth.
I need people who say y'all.

And even though I'm going to miss Beau, this girl can use the time away.

In the meantime though, you are more than welcome to send me topics to blog about :-)


Ashlee Miller said...

Ugh I hate having blogger's block! I have it a lot too.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I've had the bloggers block before and it isn't fun! Hope you get over it soon!