31 January 2012

Sometimes... and Always...

It's a slow day in the office today so I'm going to link up with Megan for Sometimes and Always... Enjoy!

Sometimes... I want to use the elliptical that has been sitting in my dining room for 2 years now.

Always... I remind myself that it will hurt my back even worse and I do not want that to happen.

(please ignore my dirty house)

Sometimes... I want to move said elliptical to the basement or someone else's house because I don't like it being in my dining room but it's the only space for it.

Always... I never move it because I want to have it for when I get better. I saved my pennies and damn it I want to gain buns of steel from it haha

Sometimes... I want to cut my hair short again.

Always... I look at the pictures and change my mind. Not only do I look better with longer hair but I want Rapunzel hair for my wedding.

Look at that horrible sunburn... thank you air show!

Sometimes... I think about going back to college and getting a degree in psychology.

Always... My bank account reminds me that going back to college isn't the best idea right now and besides, what are the chances of me actually using the degree.

Sometimes... I try to convince Beau to get a tattoo

Always... He shoots me down. Boooo! Never did I think I'd be marrying a tattoo-less man.

Sometimes... I go to Tarjay and buy a whole bunch of pretty, new clothes.

Always... At least 1/4 of them sits in the closet; tags still on them. One day I'll wear them... really, I will!

Sometimes... I'll be getting ready to go out with friends and will be confident that I'll sing a song for karaoke night.

Always... I never sing. I get too nervous. Besides, I'm practically tone deaf! I have done it once before. In a bar where no one knew my name and I'll never go back to haha

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Jessica said...

Target has the best clothes! Haha I have so many clothes I NEVER wear.

Anonymous said...

I'm the same exact way for karaoke...unless I've had a lot to drink. Ha! Happy Tuesday! =)

megs [at] Shine On

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Bethany said...

AH! New follower!! Your blog is presh!!

Holly said...

I hope your back gets better soon so you can do the elliptical like you want to!! Keep your long hair for your wedding for sure :) Karaoke is so fun, but it definitely is nerve wrecking!

Bailey@Lost&Found said...

I am the same way with me hair! I chopped it off over a year ago and i've been growing it out since. Sometimes, I just want to chop it off again- with the hopes that it will look better the second time- but them I remember how ridiculous that is, LOL! Plus, I want long hair for my wedding too!!

Happy Tuesday!


Miranda said...

LOVE Target...I have the problem with buying clothes and leaving the tags on as well! I would love to go back to school too...but with having a kid and no money...kind of doesn't work out!

Yara Simón said...

I could never sing in public. I'm soo bad. =]

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I do the same thing when it comes to Target. I have at least 5 things in my closet with the tags still on.

Megan said...

You sound like me with the clothes!! I always buy things and then a year later...there's still tags! Haha!!

Thanks for linking up with me!!