21 January 2012

Pinspiration with a little Sweet Home Alabama recap

It's a snow day Saturday in NJ... and I am not happy about it. If you recall my post from yesterday, I said about how much I hate snow and that I need to move some place warm. Unfortunately, I didn't move overnight and am stuck here in cold, wet, white precipitation.

On the plus side, I was able to complete a Pinterest project!!!

Pinned Image
Inspiration via Pinterest

Here is mine...
First I cut out the 'H' since I didn't want to glue the buttons right on the scrapbook paper.
I then glued the first layer of buttons on. Originally I used Elmer's but then switched to hot glue.

The 'H' with all of the button layers.

The scrapbook paper I got was a little more bold then I wanted
but our local Michaels didn't have the best selection when I went.

My finished product!!!

Hanging above the mantel
(which looks horrible right now because it's in the Christmas - normal transition)

Who else watched Sweet Home Alabama last night???

I was almost in tears listening to Shaun S's story about his horse. Then when his father called with the news -- completely heart breaking! I couldn't imagine that happening to one of my girls. His first date came at the perfect time and even though he is young, I hope him and Paige continue to hit it off.

Those city boys need a reality check. Most of them will never be half the gentleman that the country boys are. And city Shaun B... UGH! What an arrogant ahole! Since he hasn't gotten sent home yet, I hope he is next. I don't want to watch (and listen to his annoying voice) all season.

The elimination update...
Week 1: Christian (city) and Matt (country)
Week 2: Severn (city), Seth (country), and David (city, had 1 date)

I am rooting for Bubba though. He is HOT and so far seems like a really nice guy. If Paige doesn't pick him and if something was to happen between Beau and I, Bubba here I come! haha


Chelsea said...

Love the cute, little project! It looks great!

I watched Sweet Home Alabama last night. I was pretty surprised to see Seth go. He seemed like a nice guy but, I guess like she said, he just didn't make a huge impression on her. Shaun B... hahaha. Not that I would ever want to date someone like that, but, I think he's pretty funny. I'm not sure yet who I want her to go with. I was pretty surprised to hear so many of the guys didn't like Andy. Interesting...

Anonymous said...

Ok now i get it! I love the project what a neat idea. It looks great! Aunt Dee

Miranda said...

love the crafty project...i have that one pinned on pinterest! i started to watch the first season of Sweet Home Alabama (i think that is the show) and just couldn't get into it :P

melanie said...

love your blog :)

SEL said...

Great job on the pinterest project! It looks great!

Mandy@OrangeAutumn said...

I love the project, it turned out super cute!! I didn't even know this show existed... I'm a sucker for reality tv so I can't believe I'm missing out! I'll have to look it up!

Valerie said...

Love your blog!
I'm a native New Yorker living in Alabama the past 13 years.
My 12 year old and I love Sweet Home Alabama.
I'm rooting for Bubba too; he's very sexy, mature, confident.
I also like the firefighter from Helena, AL too. Austin maybe??
But I'm not sure how I feel about Paige.
Not really a fan for some reason. Something seems off with her.
We loved the first season with Devin and thought she was the sweetest thing. Loved Tribble in Season 2, as well.

Jenny said...

Bubba is from the same town my husband is from! We are rooting for him! He is a super sweet guy!