16 January 2012

Dear Bestie...

On January 16, 1989, the world change forever. Why? Because my bestest friend was born...


You are such a wonderful person and I am honored to have you as my bestie. When we met our freshman year in high school, I knew we would be friends for a long, long time. We've gone through so much together and there is much more to come. You know me better then any one else and can help me solve any problem in life.

Happy birthday to the bestest friend and greatest Maid of Honor a person could ask for!

Shopping for MOH dresses... she said she would wear whatever I wanted. Here ya go!
(I would never really do that though)

Myself, our friend Liz, and Chelsea

Getting lemons for tequila shots lemonade.
Sorry Chels, I HAD to share it!

True love!
I <3 you, bestie!

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PS: Remember that 'crazy' tattoo I shared with y'all a while ago. She has the same one - we got them together. People say we're crazy, I say we're just having fun!

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Monica's Notebook said...

Awww happy birthday to your bestie! Yall look so fun! :]

<3 Monica