05 January 2012

Do not be a traitor...

To all Clemson 'fans'

Teams have good games and bad. Tonight happens to be a really bad one for us. Yes, it sucks but we still made it to the Orange Bowl and we will again next year.

I'm tired of hearing/reading about how much they suck or that you need to find a new team... Man up and stick by your team!!! People who bounce to winning teams annoy me but what annoys me more is someone who bad mouths their own team.

Even though I am saddened by our loss, I still sit here in my Clemson Snuggie... Proud to be a fan!


Ashley said...

As I type this, I am wearing my clemson t-shirt. It was a very sad day! I will admit, I am not a die-hard Clemson fan, but I like them anyways! So glad they had a great year this year!

New follower and so excited to be here!

Betty said...

I'm not a Clemson fan (nothing personal!) but I am proud of you for not being a fair weather fan!!

Kristin said...

That's how I feel. We've had a couple rough seasons, but I'm still a Gator girl through and through!