04 January 2012

I bleed orange...

Guess what tonight is...


I am so excited to watch Clemson play tonight! I am even wearing all orange today to show my Tiger pride! (ok, not all orange... I am wearing jeans but my t-shirt and sweatshirt are Clemson attire)

In honor of tonight's game, I am linking up with The Vintage Apple for
Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday: ORANGE EDITION!

Pinned Image
Isn't this adorable?! I would love to have it sitting on my coffee table!

Pinned Image
This shirt probably wouldn't fit me like it does her (due to my vertically challenged-ness) but it's still perfect for game day

Pinned Image
I think Beau would kill me if I turned our living room into a Clemson sanctuary but it's pretty cool looking!

Pinned Image
Orange photo wall!

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Did someone say Lynchburg lemonade???

Pinned Image
Best.Invention.EVER! This will be on my Christmas list... too bad it's 12 months away


Will you be watching the game???


Holly said...

Cute pins! Love how you related them to your team. However, I bleed blue & gold... go Pitt!

Happy Wednesday :)

Mandy@OrangeAutumn said...

I love me some orange too!! That shirt is so pretty! You're a part of my blog post today!