02 January 2012

In 2012 I will...

I've never really been one to make resolutions and on the off chance I did, I never really stuck to it. Now that I am getting older and taking more charge of my life, I decided to make some resolutions for 2012... Ones that are accomplishable and which I will stick with.

Here are a few I've decided to do...

  • Make a bucket list. I've been thinking of what would be on my bucket list for a while now but I've never actually written them down. Not only will I write my list down - and add stuff to it as I go - but I will proudly cross off at least 10 things.
  • Get my back problem corrected. Ok, so this one may not be easy and is partially out of my control but I am so tired of living with pain. If my current doctor doesn't think he can fix it, then I will find yet another doctor who may be able to. And if it means that I have to travel to a different state for healthcare, then that's what will happen.
My actual MRI... According to the doctors, it's fine but something is causing my pain!
  • Kind of going along with the above, I will put myself first more often. I'm the kind of person who prefers to please other people then to make myself happy. That isn't always a bad thing... I love seeing others smile. But sometimes I need to make decisions that are best for me and that will make me smile.

  • Work with a local shelter/animal rescue and place more dogs in homes. As you all have probably figured out by now, I am a huge advocate for animal rescue and adopting from shelters rather then pet stores. Too many dogs are dying in shelters daily while others buy 'pure bred' or 'designer' dogs. Reality check: There are pure breds in shelters as well and designer dogs have been around forever just under a different name, mutts!

These are just a few of my resolutions. What are yours?


Michelle P said...

Good luck! Hope you do all of these.

Jess - PrettyPhysicist said...

Good luck with your back pain! Let me know when you find a doctor. The doctors here won't help with my back pain, and since we're so close, maybe I can see the same one!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Oh my gosh! How awful! I hope you can get your back all worked out!