17 August 2012

Friday Letters...

Dear MTV: Thank you for airing Boy Meets World re-runs. Combined with my DVR, I am one happy person.

Dear Beau: I always think that I couldn't love you more but then you do a little something special for me and my heart explodes. Thank you for buying me HIMYM Season 7 on iTunes after commenting that I wanted to watch the episodes again before the new season. It was a wonderful surprise after work last night. 364 days and counting... <3

Dear Sleeping: Why have you been so sporadic lately. I do not like it.

Dear Color Run: I will see you 2 weeks from tomorrow! Please treat me - and my pink knee-high socks - well.

Dear Bestest Friend: Everything will be alright.

Dear House: Why can't you stay clean for more than a day? I'd really appreciate not having to do any cleaning (vacuuming, dishes, etc) for a day.

Dear Employer: Thank you for noticing my hard work and giving me a small promotion and raise after only being there for 1 month and 1 week. It's nice to know I'm appreciated.

Dear Weekend: I am so glad you're finally here... too bad I can't enjoy you though since I have to work tomorrow.


Jessica said...

Lol, I hear ya on the clean house one!

Courtney @ The Wags Daily said...

I love the boy meets world too! My boss & I were talking this morning and we think Step By Step should start showing again!

Ashley @ Becoming Mrs. Ashley Kozell said...

Hi, I found you on the link up! I LOVE HIMYM!! My fiancé and I found it in reruns and I swear we watched all the seasons in a month and a half LOL So excited for it to come back on :) And I am so jealous that you are doing the Color Run!! I wanted to do it but the closest one to me is Orlando, FL and it is the weekend I'm getting married-what timing?! Cute letters & blog. New follower!

Betty said...

I LOVE Boy Meets World! I'm going to have to start recording it too! And congrats on your raise & promotion!