10 August 2012

Friday letters...

Dear Grandma: Still loving my new magnet. Thank you!

Dear Sammy: Thank you for being so well behaved while Momma cut your nails last night... on the front porch... using the light from a flashlight. I just couldn't take your talons any longer and I keep forgetting until it's too late at night.

Dear Neighbor: Thanks again for mowing my lawn. I will be baking you cookies tonight!

Dear Parent's Neighbor: I'm excited to go shopping then to the gym with you this afternoon. This girl time is needed!

Dear Beau:I'm excited for our double date tomorrow. It's been far too long since we've been on a date, let alone have dinner with another couple(ish). Hopefully they will become a couple by the end... I guess we shall see tomorrow, Mr. Matchmaker. PS: Looking sharp for our date!

Dear HIMYM: Is it time for a new season yet??? I'm getting - er, well, have been - impatient.

Dear Weather: Your bouncing back and forth is giving me a headache. I'll deal though since constant cooler Fall temperatures are on their way.


Token Yankee said...

Our dog is named Sammy too. Is yours named after Sammy Watkins because ours is haha.

Amy @ Not Your Average Baby Blog said...

I'm getting SO impatient for HIMYM too!! I can't wait!! : ) Found you from the Friday's Letters link up! HAD to click yours because I love the name of your blog!


Vodka Pearls said...

I mentioned you in my blog.

Sarah said...

I love HIMYM!! Found you on the link-up, cute blog :)


this hive. said...

hi there!! newest follower to your blog from NYABB! i love how much you love your pup because i am just obsessed with mine as well :)) we definitely smooch on the lips & i SOOOOO need that magnet! too cute!

Ashlee Miller said...

AMEN! These temperatures suck! Can't wait for fall

xo kelsey said...

I am SOOOOO beyond ready for HIMYM to be back!!! Along with Once Upon a Time & Glee. I miss my Fall shows :(