29 February 2012

Jumping the gun and some randoms...

Dear Mr. Bloom,
I'm not even married yet... don't you think you're rushing things a bit?

What am I pointing out?

Dear Tarjay,
Yes, I may have accidentally purchased a maternity top from you - and I appreciate the coupons via text every few weeks - but come on now...

Dear DirecTV,
'Showing no longer available'??? But it hasn't even come on yet!

Yes, I've been hoarding this picture since the 12th.
(you can't just post a pic like this at any old time)
The result of nothing being on TV so Beau and I go channel guide surfing.

Dear Sammy,
No worries. Daddy wasn't trying to watch TV or anything... After all, King Dong was no longer showing!

Dear Beau,
Please don't kill me for posting the above picture. It was too great not to pass up!

Dear nephew,
Please don't change, ever. You're too adorable as is!

Happy Leap Day everyone! Enjoy your extra day of the year!


Bethany said...

Ahhh the video is private so I can't see it!! :( LOVEEEEEEEEEEE the pic of puppy and beau! SO cute!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha Sammy. Great picture. And your Nephew is adorable!

Michelle P said...

hahaha so funny!