28 March 2014

: a direct or personal written or printed message

:  a direct or personal written or printed message addressed to a person or organization

Dear bed: We have a hot date tonight which I plan on continuing late into the morning. Please don't be late.

Dear tattoo: You can stop peeling and itching now. No really, any time now would be fabulous. So this is what being a snake would feel like...

Dear Frozen: I finally jumped on your bandwagon and am completely obsessed with you. I, however, do NOT want to build a snowman as I am completely over winter!

Dear pants button: It was really unnecessary for you to come off yesterday. Thank goodness for co-workers (Hi Kaitlin!) who have a needle and thread in their desk drawer!

Dear Monster Energy drink: Thank you for giving me energy. And by energy I mean the ability to keep my eyes wide open even though I feel like I am sleeping.

Dear hottest security guard: I have no words for you. Rawr.

Dear Saturday: I'm ready for YOU!

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