11 March 2013

Sick. Still? Again? Something like that...

I know, I know... Once again it's been weeks since a new post. Want the run down of my life? Sick. Sick still... Sick again... I'm not sure which to classify it under but what I had came back with a vengeance! I am so ready for spring and summer to be here -- obviously my body can't handle the weather fluctuations.

So I'm not a complete Debbie Downer, I'm blogging from the beautiful Poconos today! It was just for overnight and I'm getting ready to head back to NJ but it's nice to get away for the night. Nothing beats sitting on the porch, drinking tea, while looking at mountains even though it's only 55-degrees and partially cloudy.

In other news, our landlord was able to re-rent our house after the first showing!
::insert hap-pay hap-pay hap-pay dance here::
This means I don't have to worry about anyone else tramping through my house while my family and I are still residing there. We are hoping to start moving stuff to the new place soon (holiday stuff, stuff that won't be needed in the next 45 days)!

That's all for now -- off to enjoy the last few hours of mini-vaca!
(And lets be honest here, I have to make it home in time for The Bachelor finale!!)

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Nichole said...

This flu/cold season has been the worst for everyone I know! Me included; feel better :)