14 March 2013

It's ok Thursday...

Its Ok Thursdays
It's ok...
... to start packing even though we are still 44 days out.
... to have two shows recording on the living room DVR and watch something else upstairs since there is three good shows on all at the same time.
... to only cook twice this week. What? I was away overnight the beginning of the week!
... to not workout. At all. In the last month.  #backproblemproblems #whyamihastaggingonmyblog
... to bathe Sammy at home as much as I want for the next month. The dog hair in the drain won't be my problem! Muahahaha!
... to cry over the fact that Army Wives killed off Claudia Joy.
... to have spring fever. So far it's been 45+ degrees for 6 days. We even had the windows open in the house the other day!
... to have waaaaay too many shoes yet still want more. According to Beau, not ok.
... to be more than excited that there is a Starbucks between the new house and my work. No more going 20 minutes out of the way!
What do you think is ok this Thursday?


Anonymous said...

It's ALWAYS ok to want more shoes.

For me, it's ok to come to work hungover.

Sam said...

Being close to Starbucks is dangerous! Sounds good though!