03 April 2012

Sometimes and Always...

Sometimes: I plan my outfit for the next day while lying in bed.
Always: I wake up and can't remember what I wanted to wear.

Sometimes: I am up until after midnight talking on the phone.
Always: It's filled with stories and laughter and is well worth it.

Sometimes: I hum a song to myself.
Always: It's in a public place and I realize people can hear halfway through the song. Whoops.

Sometimes: My girls (aka the pups) really annoy me when they are trying to play while I sleep.
Always: I'd much rather deal with that then to not have them in my life.

Sometimes: I wish summer would just get here already.
Always: I remind myself that I will most likely be miserable this summer (heat, pain, etc.) so why rush it?

Oh and by the way... DIBS!!!


Jenny said...

I do the exact same thing while laying in bed! And the next morning my outfit of choice has vanished from my memory!

Oh and Adam is super sexy!!! (I can say that... since my husbands name is Adam too!) That way people will think I'm talking about him!

Mosby Hardin said...

Oh how I love long phone conversations too! They seriously can become the best part of my day!