26 April 2012


Let's talk about things that drive me crazy, shall we?

-- STINK BUGS: These have to be some of the smelliest, weirdest looking bugs out there.

-- "ME AND TONY": Come on people, 1st grade grammar here... It's "Tony and I went to get pizza" not "Me and Tony went to get pizza"

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-- TOILET PAPER DIRECTION: It goes over, not under. Got it? Good.

-- WEDDING VENDORS: I realize you want my business but emailing me 3 times a day and calling every other day is not going to make me go with you so stop harassing me.

-- CRYING BABIES IN RESTAURANTS: I get it, sometimes babies cry. But if your child is screaming its head off in a restaurant, take them out to the car!

I know there are many, many more things on this list but I just can't think of them right now... I suppose it just makes for round 2 one day!

Happy thirsty Thursday everyone!


Jessica said...

UGH stink bugs are disgusting!! And I agree about babies, if they're continually crying, take them outside! As a mom, I would never let my baby scream and scream.

lil desiqua said...

The first time I saw a stinkbug was when I was in college, and I didn't know what they were, so I stepped on it. First and last time ever!!

Screaming babies in restaurants is bad, but in an airplane it's worse! I feel sorry for the parents at that point!

Jenny said...

Ha! I love these! Especially the screaming babies! I was eating out the other day and there was a couple with a screaming baby there also. They just acted like they didn't even hear the baby!!! Ahhhhh!!!

You should see the sign I have hanging up at work for screaming kids!!!!

Miranda said...

ew...that bug makes my skin crawl! i just may be in the minority here but i can't stand when the toilet paper is over....it's under!!!!!:)

Fash Boulevard said...

hey love. as a thank you to everyone for helping me win Lauren Conrad's blogger contest, I'm having a fabulous giveaway I'd love for you to enter. Swing by for all the details. xo


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Ugh!!! I hate stink bugs. We had so many of them here last year.